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AGAIN, Armed Palestinian terrorist shot dead sneaking into Israel

After 4 armed Palestinian terrorists were killed yesterday in a firefight with IDF soldiers, today another armed terrorist was neutralized after foolishly  attempting to stealthily traverse the Israeli border fence from northern Gaza.

By Ben Ariel


IDF lookouts on Sunday morning identified an armed terrorist approaching the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

The terrorist fired at IDF soldiers along the border. The soldiers, who were on alert following the identification of the terrorist, opened fire at him.

Merkava tanks near Israel’s border with Gaza – Photo: IDF Spokesman’s Unit

During the incident, IDF tanks fired at Hamas terrorist posts in the area. Continue Reading »

IDF Neutralized 4 Armed Palestinian Terrorists Sneaking into Israel

IDF’s Golani Brigade killed 4 heavily armed Palestinian terrorists attempting to cross border fence in pre-dawn firefight, with their RPGs, grenades and 4 Kalashnikov assault rifles seized by military officials after the incident.
– Hamas: Unauthorized mission by the youths was motivated by rage.

By Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy


The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday that it foiled a major terror attack in the area of the Gaza border in the early hours of the day, placing responsibility for an attempted infiltration by four Palestinians on Hamas.

Troops from the Golani Brigade killed the four infiltrators – who were armed with Kalashnikov rifles, hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenade launchers – as they tried to enter Israeli territory from Gaza early Saturday morning. Continue Reading »

NOT protected by the Sabbath: Israel aircraft fires on Gaza terrorists

Relating to the incident, an IDF spokesperson’s statement explained, “Troops identified a terrorist squad which launched explosive balloons into Israeli territory from the southern Gaza Strip. In response, an Israel Defense Forces aircraft fired towards the terrorists.”

By AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli military said Saturday it launched airstrikes against two terror cells in Gaza, after they flew balloons rigged with explosives into Israel.

“Troops identified a terrorist squad which launched explosive balloons into Israeli territory from the southern Gaza Strip,” the IDF said in a statement.

“In response, an Israel Defense Forces aircraft fired towards the terrorists.”

A subsequent statement said that an aircraft fired at “an additional terrorist squad” which also launched explosive balloons from southern Gaza. Continue Reading »

IDF kills 3 terrorists, captures 1 from 2 infiltration attempts


Attempted breaches on Sunday of Israel’s border fence with Gaza thwarted as IDF forces kill 3 of the infiltrators, all neutralized. Explosives thrown at soldiers during second attempt.

By Gary Willig


The IDF stated that two attempts were made to infiltrate Israel from Gaza Sunday evening.

In the first incident, two terrorists were identified attempting to breach the fence in the southern Gaza Strip. IDF forces opened fire on the suspects, killing one of them. The other suspect was apprehended and taken for questioning by security forces.

Continue Reading »

Sapper robot neutralized grenades found on 3 nabbed Palestinian terrorists from Gaza

With the help of a robot, Israel Police sapper neutralized the grenades after the IDF captured 3 Palestinian terrorists who infiltrated from Gaza; no injuries reported.

By Matazn Tzuri, Yoav Zitun


An IDF force on Tuesday morning arrested three Palestinians armed with knives and grenades after they had infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip. The terrorists were caught in the Tze’elim area, about 20 kilometers from the Gaza border.

A police sapper was dispatched to the area to neutralize the grenades with the help of a police robot.

The incident is being investigated. There were no reports of injuries. The IDF instructed Gaza vicinity residents to return to their routine schedule. Continue Reading »

Israel’s PM tells Hamas: “We’re not going to give something [terrorists’ bodies] for nothing.”

Upon Prime Minister Netanyahu’s returned to Israel after marking the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Netanyahu reiterates his two goals for Israel, and his two major rules.
– “The second [rule] is that we’re not going to give something for nothing,” – PM Netanyahu.

By David Rosenberg


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu returned to Israel Monday following a trip to the UK marking the 100th anniversary since the Balfour Declaration proclaiming Great Britain’s support for the establishment of a Jewish national home in the historic Land of Israel.

Following his return to Israel, Netanyahu addressed the recent revelation that the IDF recovered the bodies of five Islamic Jihad terrorists killed when Israeli forces demolished a terror tunnel inside southern Israel last week. Continue Reading »

Shocking Video: Young Palestinian Boy With Handgun Opens Fire on IDF Soldiers

The sad reality in Gaza is that Hamas gives children weapons, and wouldn’t have cared if they died, having been sent to fire on IDF soldiers, since that would provide ammunition for their public relations arm in the Palestinian war to demonize & delegitimize Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


We’ve all been horrified by “summer camp” videos of Gaza’s Hamas overlords encouraging and training Palestinians children as young as five years of age to violently attack Israel.

The one shred of hope has been that as those children grow, perhaps they’ll come to their senses before getting an opportunity to actually engage in a deadly confrontation with Israelis. Continue Reading »

Israeli jets take out Hamas terror cell planting explosive device on Gaza border


IAF reports on successful operation killing 1 and leaving 3 Palestinian terrorists wounded when neutralizing bombs being planted alongside Gaza/Israel border that’s patrolled by IDF units.

By Ari Yashar


Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets launched a strike on Wednesday morning against a terror cell in northern Gaza.

IAF’s F-15I Ra’am 5

The cell engaged in planting explosives on the security fence targeting soldiers patrolling the border with Gaza. According to the IDF, direct strikes on the terrorists were identified.

Israeli farmers were instructed to keep their distance from the border area, out of an apparent concern over reprisals.  Continue Reading »

WATCH: Hamas Leaders Congratulate Terrorist-Camp Graduation in Gaza

view videoHamas boasts 25,000 participants at terror-camp graduation ceremony which trained children in terror-warfare techniques.

By Ynetnews


The military wing of Hamas completed its Gaza summer camp on Wednesday, with celebrations being held all over the strip featuring children brandishing guns and speeches by officials.

Hamas summer-camp graduates

Upon the opening of the camp, the group said that participants, aged 15-60, would spend two weeks being “trained in military techniques and in firing live ammunition” as well as “first aid and rescue techniques.”


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: AP)Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: AP)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)
Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)



Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: Reuters)Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: Reuters)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)
Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)
Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: EPA)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: Reuters)
Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: Reuters)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: Reuters)
Hamas Terrorist leaders at summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: Reuters)


Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: AFP)
Hamas summer camp closing ceremony (Photo: AFP)


The participants of the militant camp were also trained in firing sniper rifles while using the portraits of Israeli leaders for targets. Continue Reading »

IDF Intercepts & Arrests 2 Gazans Holding Grenades

Two Palestinian terrorists sneak into Israel from Gaza where they’re surrounded & arrested.

By Ari Yashar


Two terrorists from the Hamas stronghold of Gaza breached into Israeli sovereign territory on Thursday night, where they were arrested.

The two were nabbed in the Eshkol Regional Council just outside of Gaza, adjacent to the kibbutzim of Sufa and Holit, after having broken through the security barrier.

After being located the two claimed to be armed with fragmentation grenades.

“Two Palestinians were arrested by Israeli soldiers on Israeli territory near the security fence” that separates Gaza and Israel, and IDF spokeswoman told AFP.

Continue Reading »

Dramatic Footage Shows Gunfight as Another Terrorist Infiltration Foiled

View clip of an infiltration by Gaza terrorists, who were killed by IDF forces in the Gaza Belt region.

By Gil Ronen


Residents of the Shaar Hanegev, Sdot Negev and Eshkol regions near Gaza were told to stay in their homes Monday morning because of a terrorist infiltration.


Paratroopers – IDF Spokesman

According to initial reports, about ten terrorists entered Israeli territory and split up into two teams. One headed toward Erez and the second toward Nir Am. An IAF drone eliminated the squad that went toward Erez and a ground force eliminated the squad that turned toward Nir Am after a pitched battle. Continue Reading »

Islamic Jihad Fool Blows Himself Up in Fatal ‘Work Accident’

A clumsy Islamic Jihad terrorist, from the organization set to join PLO leadership, accidentally detonates explosives in Gaza.

By Ari Yashar


A bumbling Gaza terrorist of the Islamic Jihad terror group died on Monday morning, after having a “work accident” with an explosive he was handling.

The 25-year-old terrorist had his unlucky run-in with the bomb in Jabalia, a town in northern Gaza, reports Channel 10.

Two other terrorists, also of Islamic Jihad, were killed on Saturday in an explosion that reportedly occurred while training with various devices.

The explosive that killed the terrorist this Monday likely was similar to those often set on the Gaza security border targeting IDF soldiers. Continue Reading »

More Gazans Blow Themselves Up Accidentally … Than are Killed by Israel’s army

As would come to no surprise of observers of Syria, Muslims still kill each other far more frequently than anyone else.



If only there was some human rights organization fighting to protect Gaza… from Gaza.

2 Dead Arabs

Three Palestinian men were killed and four others injured in an explosion in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources said.

A spokesman of the Hamas-run Gaza ministry of health told Ma’an that the circumstances behind the explosion were not clear.

Ashraf al-Qidra added that ambulances evacuated two dead men and one critically injured person.

Continue Reading »

In seeking deeper targets, Hamas increases homemade rockets’ range



Egypt’s closing of Hamas’ smuggling tunnels put and end to importing missiles & forces terrorist factions to invest more in making homemade weapons with better quality rockets.

By Alex Fishman



Hamas‘s military wing in the Gaza Strip is making a concerted effort to increase the range of its rockets by tens of kilometers.

The rocket fuel is poured into a plastic tube, then cut away and the fuel cylinder is inserted into the Qassam shell. A detonator is placed in the mixture. About 100 are made each night.

The extra range will let the terror organization pull off deeper attacks into Israel, even farther than the Gush Dan region achieved during Operation Pillar of Defense . Continue Reading »

2nd Gaza Terror Attempt Foiled by IDF, In 2 Days

Another Palestinian terrorist wounded whilst placing explosive on Israel’s security fence with Gaza.

This incident comes just one day after previous clash left one Gaza terrorist dead.

By Ari Yashar



IDF forces foiled a terror attempt from Gaza on Saturday, shooting and wounding a 22 year old terrorist who was trying to place an explosive on the border.

According to the IDF: “this morning terrorists attempted to conceal an explosive device in order to attack IDF soldiers who operate in the proximity of the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.”

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesmen for terrorist organization Hamas’s emergency services, told AFP the terrorist was shot east of the Gaza town of Khan Yunis and moderately injured. Continue Reading »