Dropping like flies: Hamas searching for 5 missing terrorists in collapsed terror-tunnel


In 4th collapsed Gaza tunnel since January, Hamas search & rescue teams are trying desperately to recover the 5 members of its military wing who disappeared.

By Daniel Siryoti


Yet another tunnel dug by Hamas in the Gaza Strip has collapsed. Palestinian media outlets reported Sunday that five members of Hamas’ Izzedine al-Qassam military wing had been trapped when a tunnel collapsed on them east of Zeitoun in the Gaza Strip.

The opening to one of Hamas’ tunnels leading into Israel from Gaza – Photo: Reuters

Their condition was unknown. Hamas cordoned off the scene and search and rescue teams were looking for the five operatives.

The incident follows several similar collapses recently. On Jan. 28, heavy rain caused a Hamas tunnel close to the Gaza border to collapse, killing seven Hamas operatives. Due to the rainy conditions, it took two days to find the bodies and announce their deaths. Hamas issued a statement saying, “The mujahedeen martyrs were repairing an old tunnel, from which a number of operations were executed in the [2014] war.”



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