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Israel sends humanitarian aid to flood victims in Indian state of Kerala

With over 350 killed and 800,000 left homeless in the worst flooding the Indian state of Kerala has seen in over a century, Israel sends food & clothing with IsraAid suppling clean water & counseling for the victims.

By Itamar Eichner


Israel has sent humanitarian aid to victims of the monsoon floods in the Indian state of Kerala. At least 350 people were killed and more than 800,000 were left homeless by the disaster.

Israeli Consul in Bangalore Dana Koresh and the consulate staff delivered the first truck of humanitarian aid Tuesday to the residents of Kerala.

Dana Kursh, Consul General of Israel to South India, based in Bangalore & Ariel Seidman deliver humanitarian aid in India – Photo: Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Water, food and clothing were delivered in accordance with requests by local authorities. Continue Reading »

Doomed Israeli teen texted to friend night before of impending death

Prior to her death in Thursday’s Negev flood, one girl texted to her friend Wednesday evening, “I cannot believe that I am actually going out on this trip in this weather. It makes no sense…. We will die, I am serious.”

By Itai Blumenthal


One of the victims of Thursday’s Zafit Stream tragedy, in which nine youths died after being swept away by a flash flood, seemed to have predicted her fate, according to texts she sent her friend before setting out on the trip.

Wednesday, a girl wrote her friend: “Everything is yellow, disgusting.” Her friend responded: “I cannot believe that I am actually going out on this trip in this weather. Continue Reading »

Israel Sends Team to Flood-Stricken Sri Lanka With Emergency Aid


Israel’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka delivered disaster relief supplies to Colombo’s Foreign Ministry, along with a letter from President Reuven Rivlin to President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena, expressing Israel’s solidarity with with the Sri Lankan people.



The American Jewish Joint Distribution (JDC) is providing emergency aid to victims of the devastating flooding and mudslides that hit Sri Lanka this week, killing hundreds of people and displacing hundreds of thousands.

This is the worst natural disaster the island nation has seen since the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. The JDC is already familiar with the region, having then established a Disaster Management Unit together with Sarvodaya, a local Buddhist-inspired humanitarian organization. Continue Reading »

Dropping Like Flies: Tunnel #7 collapses, killing another Hamas terrorist


Unlike previous 6 tunnel collapses where fault was placed on Egypt or Israel, which made smugglers & terrorists alike worried about entering, Hamas has officially labeled the death of  Izzadin Al-Kassam Brigades member, “a work accident.”


A Gaza tunnel collapsed in Shujaiyyeh, in the eastern part of Gaza city on Monday, an area near the border with Israel, killing a Hamas operative who was inside.

Abdel Salam Aid Al-Batniji, 36, of the Hamas military wing, died in a tunnel collapse in Gaza. – Photo: ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA

Hamas’s military wing, the Izzadin Al-Kassam Brigades, named the operative as 36-year-old Al-Salam Al-Batniji. Continue Reading »

1 Dead Smuggler, Another Missing After Hamas’ 7th Tunnel Collapsed Thursday


Terrorist body unearthed after Hamas’ latest Gaza tunnel collapse 3 days ago, this one an underground smuggling tunnel into Egypt, that has ISIS members working on the Sinai side.

By Ben Ariel


A Gazan was found dead on Saturday and another remains missing after the collapse of yet another tunnel on the Egypt border, the interior ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said, according to AFP.

On Thursday, rescue services said seven men had been trapped in the collapse of a tunnel.

Five were rescued, but “the body of Fadi Abu Dan was pulled out as the search continues for someone else,” the ministry said on Saturday. Continue Reading »

Still Dropping Like Flies: 6 Hamas smugglers buried alive in 6th tunnel collapse in 2016

With 12 Hamas terrorists already dead from previous collapses since January, Hamas blames Egypt for the latest, as 6 smugglers are buried alive and one unaccounted for.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Six Palestinians were trapped and another was missing Thursday after a Gaza smuggling tunnel collapsed, a local Hamas official said.

He described the underground passage from the southern Gaza town of Rafah into neighbouring Egypt as a “trade tunnel.”

The cave-in, the sixth since January, was caused by Egyptian flooding of the border zone in its campaign to stop smuggling, the official told AFP.


Authorities have spoken to one of the trapped men by mobile telephone and rescue efforts are under way, he added. Continue Reading »

Hamas operatives believe Israel behind tunnel collapses, afraid to go underground


After the latest incident, the 2nd time in as many days, and the 3rd time in a week, raising total Palestinian terrorist killed to 12, Hamas operatives are worried about entering terror-tunnels.



Hamas operatives are afraid to enter underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip fearing they will collapse, The Jerusalem Post has learned from Palestinian sources.

A Palestinian worker re-digs a smuggling tunnel after being flooded by Egyptian security forces. – Photo: REUTERS

A Palestinian worker re-digs a smuggling tunnel after being flooded by Egyptian security forces. – Photo: REUTERS

In addition, some of the operatives digging the tunnels believe Israel was involved in at least some of the recent tunnel collapses that claimed the lives of several Hamas men. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist dead as 5th Hamas terror-tunnel collapses since January 26

Resumption of death curse with yet another terrorist killed and 5 more wounded in Gaza, as fifth Hamas terror-tunnel collapses, raising total Palestinian terrorist killed to 12.

By Ari Yashar


A Hamas terrorist was killed on Thursday and five other terrorists were wounded when a tunnel collapsed in Khan Yunis, located in southern Gaza.

The Hamas health ministry identified the killed terrorist as 31-year-old Mohammed Mussa al-Astal.

The death restarts the series of tunnel fatalities in Gaza after a break of nearly a month. Early last month the tally reached as high as 11 Gazanswho died while digging tunnels, in collapses that came in quick succession. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: Hamas searching for 5 missing terrorists in collapsed terror-tunnel


In 4th collapsed Gaza tunnel since January, Hamas search & rescue teams are trying desperately to recover the 5 members of its military wing who disappeared.

By Daniel Siryoti


Yet another tunnel dug by Hamas in the Gaza Strip has collapsed. Palestinian media outlets reported Sunday that five members of Hamas’ Izzedine al-Qassam military wing had been trapped when a tunnel collapsed on them east of Zeitoun in the Gaza Strip.

The opening to one of Hamas’ tunnels leading into Israel from Gaza – Photo: Reuters

Their condition was unknown. Hamas cordoned off the scene and search and rescue teams were looking for the five operatives. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: Another Palestinian terrorist killed in Hamas terror-tunnel collapse


According to Palestinian sources, the terror-tunnel was located under Gaza’s border with Egypt and collapsed from intentional flooding by Egypt’s military.

By Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


A Hamas operative was reportedly killed in the Gaza Strip on Monday in the third deadly tunnel collapse to occur in the coastal enclave in less than two weeks. According to Palestinian sources, the tunnel was located under the border with Egypt and collapsed due to flooding caused by the Egyptian military.

A Palestinian digger works in a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip [Archive] – Photo: AP

According to other sources, the collapse was caused by dirt ramparts that the Egyptian military is building along the border with Gaza. Continue Reading »

Egypt’s flooding Gaza’s tunnels dampens Hamas’ smuggling business


After refusing to close the smuggling tunnels out of Gaza, the Egyptian army’s campaign to flood every tunnel crossing into the country has provoked the ire of the Palestinians.

By Reuters


Mahmoud Bakeer speaks with despair about the night of the flash flood, when he screamed at his wife and five children to flee their home on Gaza’s border with Egypt as the water rushed in. 

They made it to safety during the flooding last week, but a network of Palestinian tunnels running under the frontier town of Rafah is now water-logged, destroyed by Cairo to sever what it says is a weapons smuggling route out of Gaza for Islamist insurgents in Egypt’s Sinai desert. Continue Reading »

Lies About Gaza Are Swallowed Easily and Exploited Widely to Libel Israel

Year after year, mainstream media continue their traditional anti-Israel frenzy knowing full well the lies portray the Jewish State in a sinister manor.

By Ryan Jones


Had they done so, these gatekeepers of Western public opinion would have realized that Israel has no dams that can be opened and closed in its southern region, and that Gaza is simply a low-lying coastal area that unfortunately suffers severe flooding during winters with average-to-above average rainfall.

Flooded Gaza – Photo source: Israel Today

The Daily Mail did later publish a retraction, but, as usual, the damage had already been done.

One story most of these media outlets chose not to cover was the announcement last week that Israel would soon double the amount of fresh water it provides to Gaza.

Continue Reading »

MAJOR Daily Mail blunder – twice: It claims Israel flooded ‘Gaza’s major West Bank cities’

Unbelievable inaccuracies for UK news media:
1. There are no dams in southern Israel
2. Nablus & Jenin cannot be “two of Gaza’s major West Bank cities.”


British paper The Daily Mail published a story on Monday that originally accused Israel of intentionally opening dams in southern Israel in order to flood Gaza. The only problem is, as writer and Lydia Willgress has learned the hard way, there are no dams in southern Israel.

Screenshot of the original ‘Daily Mail’ article. – Photo: screenshot

Honest Reporting, an NGO that according to its website “monitors the news for bias, inaccuracy, or other breach of journalistic standards in coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” took screen shots of the article before amendments were made. Continue Reading »

French News Service Lies, Reports Israel ‘Flooded Palestinian Village’ with Nonexistent Dam

AFP video report translates that Gaza has been deliberately flooded by Israel when speaker accuses ‘the Jews’ (Yahoud) – despite the fact Israel has no dams in southern Israel.

By Ari Yashar


Agence France Presse (AFP) has been caught publishing a blatant lie against Israel after similar cases in the past, posting a video this week claiming “Gaza village floods after Israel opens dam gates,” in a claim of deliberate flooding disproved by the fact that Israel has no dams in the south.

In the video a resident of Gaza, Ead Zino from Al-Maghraqa, claims “every four years there is a war but here in Maghraqa every year there is a flood.

Continue Reading »

Israeli Student Delegation Among 1st Responders Assisting Serbia After Floods

Israel does it again: Israeli student delegation among 1st volunteers to render aid to Serbia in face of disastrous floods.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A joint Israeli delegation of the Lev Echad and Shalem College in Jerusalem arrived in Serbia last week in response to the worst wave of floods in recent Balkan history. 
Israeli Volunteer in Serbia

Israeli Volunteer in Serbia – Photo: INN /Lev Echad

With scores killed and more than one million affected by the catastrophic flooding and landslides, the Israeli delegation responded to a plea from the Serbian government for assistance.

Lev Echad – which means One Heart and is an Emergency Civilian Aid Organization, and students from Shalem College, Israel’s first college of liberal arts, landed in Serbia last Thursday to assist the Serbian government in the mapping of needs and management of Serbian and international volunteers. Continue Reading »