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The ‘Curse’: So far 1 Hamas terrorist dead in Gaza terror-tunnel collapse

Arab media speculates the Hamas terror-tunnel may have collapsed after the IDF detected it and “employed special technological measures to make it collapse.

By  Daniel Siryoti


At least one Hamas operative was killed Sunday and seven others sustained moderate-to-serious injuries when a terror tunnel collapsed in northern Gaza.

Khalil Muhammad of the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas was killed in the collasp of a terror-tunnel in Gaza. – Photo: Hamas

According to Palestinian media, the incident took place east of Beit Lahiya. Local rescue services rushed the injured to a hospital in the Strip and shortly thereafter Hamas’ Interior Ministry confirmed that one of its operatives had died in the incident. Continue Reading »

Egypt destroyed, flooded with sea water or sewage, 37 tunnels from Gaza in 2018

The Egyptian army began destroying Hamas’ tunnels from Gaza following the September 2013 coup, that saw the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, who became President after being busted out of an Egyptian prison by hundreds of armed militants who entered Egypt via the Gaza tunnels.



The Egyptian military destroyed 37 cross-border tunnels linking the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula over the past year, the country’s military has announced.

Egypt has in the past flooded Hamas tunnels along the Gaza Strip with sea-water or sewage, and has destroyed hundreds of homes on the Egyptian side of Rafah to remove the tunnels. Continue Reading »

Egyptian army continues to destroy Hamas terror-tunnels on its Gaza border


Egypt continues to deal with chaos in the Sinai, destroying Hamas smuggler tunnels connecting to Gaza and now the Coptic Church says Christians are fleeing northern Sinai for their safety.

By Daniel Siryoti


The Egyptian military says it has discovered and destroyed weapons smuggling tunnels in the northern Sinai Peninsula, next to the Gaza border.

A military spokesperson told Egyptian media outlets that one tunnel, dug some 20 meters (66 feet) underground, branched out into three different tunnels.

Oxygen tanks and communication technology cables were found in the tunnels.

Missiles from Libya seized by Egyptian authorities before entering tunnels to Gaza

Meanwhile, the Coptic Church in Egypt said that dozens of Christian families living in the northern Sinai had been forced to flee their homes due to violence from Salafist radicals against Christians. Continue Reading »

2 arrested Gazans spill all on tunnels, smuggling ‘blood-money’, & Hamas activities


Faiz Attar & Itallah Sarhan told Israel’s Shin Bet the location of Hamas’ terror tunnels & rocket-launchers, and how they smuggled 10’s of thousands of euros from Gaza into the West Bank by hiding them in specially made shoes provided by Hamas operatives.

By Yoav Zitun


The Shin Bet and Israel Police arrested two Palestinians last month on the suspicion they were involved in the smuggling of money from Gaza to Hamas operatives in the West Bank, it was cleared for publication on Tuesday.

Shoe, provided by Hamas, was fitted to hide money in. – Photo courtesy: Israel Security Service

In his interrogation, Itallah Sarhan, 27, a truck driver working for a company Hamas and Islamic Jihad employ to clear sand from tunnel-digging sites, revealed a lot of information about tunnel openings he saw during his work. Continue Reading »

Hamas sneaks ISIS terrorists into Gaza via tunnels for military training, medical attention for cash & weapons

REPORT: Israeli general tells Saudi media that an ISIS operative, who snuck into Gaza from the Sinai by using a Hamas smuggling tunnel, is due to undergo military training in Gaza.



In Islamic State operative snuck into the Gaza Strip through Hamas’ system of underground tunnels connecting the Palestinian-ruled area with the Sinai Peninsula, Israel said on Friday.

Palestinian Hamas militants take part in a rally in memory of their seven comrades killed in mysterious tunnel collapse.

In an interview with the Saudi news site Elaph, the coordinator for government activities in the territories, Maj.-Gen. Continue Reading »

Palestinian media: Hamas Tunnel No.11 Collapses Sunday killing 5


Arab media reports another smuggling tunnel cave-in on Gaza’s southern border with the Sinai, marking the 11th collapse since year began, raising the death toll to 20.

By Ari Yashar


According to Arab reports five diggers were killed on Sunday in a tunnel collapse at the city of Rafiah, located in southern Gaza on the border with the Sinai Peninsula.

The deaths were reported by Palestinian media cited by Walla, and mark the eleventh tunnel cave-in in recent months.

The last collapse, which came in mid-March, saw a Hamas “field commander” die during work on a terror tunnel, two days after the bodies of two Arab workers were found in a tunnel on the southern Gazan border that was flooded by Egypt three days earlier.

Continue Reading »

Hamas’ army of 1000 tunnel diggers keeps Gaza’s lucrative terror business alive


Beyond enabling smuggling from Egypt into Gaza, other tunnels are used by Hamas’ elite combat unit, Al Nukhbeh, which recently lost several fighters when a tunnel they were practicing attacks on Israel collapsed.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


While Hamas claims the Gaza Strip suffers from unbearable levels of poverty, the terror organization spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every month to build and maintain its massive terror tunnel network.

With operations along the Israeli and Egyptian borders, the Hamas tunnel system employs a veritable army of over 1,000 regular diggers.

According to a report on Israel Radio, these diggers are paid $300-400 a month. Continue Reading »

Dropping Like Flies: Tunnel #7 collapses, killing another Hamas terrorist


Unlike previous 6 tunnel collapses where fault was placed on Egypt or Israel, which made smugglers & terrorists alike worried about entering, Hamas has officially labeled the death of  Izzadin Al-Kassam Brigades member, “a work accident.”


A Gaza tunnel collapsed in Shujaiyyeh, in the eastern part of Gaza city on Monday, an area near the border with Israel, killing a Hamas operative who was inside.

Abdel Salam Aid Al-Batniji, 36, of the Hamas military wing, died in a tunnel collapse in Gaza. – Photo: ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA

Hamas’s military wing, the Izzadin Al-Kassam Brigades, named the operative as 36-year-old Al-Salam Al-Batniji. Continue Reading »

1 Dead Smuggler, Another Missing After Hamas’ 7th Tunnel Collapsed Thursday


Terrorist body unearthed after Hamas’ latest Gaza tunnel collapse 3 days ago, this one an underground smuggling tunnel into Egypt, that has ISIS members working on the Sinai side.

By Ben Ariel


A Gazan was found dead on Saturday and another remains missing after the collapse of yet another tunnel on the Egypt border, the interior ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said, according to AFP.

On Thursday, rescue services said seven men had been trapped in the collapse of a tunnel.

Five were rescued, but “the body of Fadi Abu Dan was pulled out as the search continues for someone else,” the ministry said on Saturday. Continue Reading »

Still Dropping Like Flies: 6 Hamas smugglers buried alive in 6th tunnel collapse in 2016

With 12 Hamas terrorists already dead from previous collapses since January, Hamas blames Egypt for the latest, as 6 smugglers are buried alive and one unaccounted for.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Six Palestinians were trapped and another was missing Thursday after a Gaza smuggling tunnel collapsed, a local Hamas official said.

He described the underground passage from the southern Gaza town of Rafah into neighbouring Egypt as a “trade tunnel.”

The cave-in, the sixth since January, was caused by Egyptian flooding of the border zone in its campaign to stop smuggling, the official told AFP.


Authorities have spoken to one of the trapped men by mobile telephone and rescue efforts are under way, he added. Continue Reading »

Hamas operatives believe Israel behind tunnel collapses, afraid to go underground


After the latest incident, the 2nd time in as many days, and the 3rd time in a week, raising total Palestinian terrorist killed to 12, Hamas operatives are worried about entering terror-tunnels.



Hamas operatives are afraid to enter underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip fearing they will collapse, The Jerusalem Post has learned from Palestinian sources.

A Palestinian worker re-digs a smuggling tunnel after being flooded by Egyptian security forces. – Photo: REUTERS

A Palestinian worker re-digs a smuggling tunnel after being flooded by Egyptian security forces. – Photo: REUTERS

In addition, some of the operatives digging the tunnels believe Israel was involved in at least some of the recent tunnel collapses that claimed the lives of several Hamas men. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist dead as 5th Hamas terror-tunnel collapses since January 26

Resumption of death curse with yet another terrorist killed and 5 more wounded in Gaza, as fifth Hamas terror-tunnel collapses, raising total Palestinian terrorist killed to 12.

By Ari Yashar


A Hamas terrorist was killed on Thursday and five other terrorists were wounded when a tunnel collapsed in Khan Yunis, located in southern Gaza.

The Hamas health ministry identified the killed terrorist as 31-year-old Mohammed Mussa al-Astal.

The death restarts the series of tunnel fatalities in Gaza after a break of nearly a month. Early last month the tally reached as high as 11 Gazanswho died while digging tunnels, in collapses that came in quick succession. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: Hamas searching for 5 missing terrorists in collapsed terror-tunnel


In 4th collapsed Gaza tunnel since January, Hamas search & rescue teams are trying desperately to recover the 5 members of its military wing who disappeared.

By Daniel Siryoti


Yet another tunnel dug by Hamas in the Gaza Strip has collapsed. Palestinian media outlets reported Sunday that five members of Hamas’ Izzedine al-Qassam military wing had been trapped when a tunnel collapsed on them east of Zeitoun in the Gaza Strip.

The opening to one of Hamas’ tunnels leading into Israel from Gaza – Photo: Reuters

Their condition was unknown. Hamas cordoned off the scene and search and rescue teams were looking for the five operatives. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: Another Palestinian terrorist killed in Hamas terror-tunnel collapse


According to Palestinian sources, the terror-tunnel was located under Gaza’s border with Egypt and collapsed from intentional flooding by Egypt’s military.

By Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


A Hamas operative was reportedly killed in the Gaza Strip on Monday in the third deadly tunnel collapse to occur in the coastal enclave in less than two weeks. According to Palestinian sources, the tunnel was located under the border with Egypt and collapsed due to flooding caused by the Egyptian military.

A Palestinian digger works in a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip [Archive] – Photo: AP

According to other sources, the collapse was caused by dirt ramparts that the Egyptian military is building along the border with Gaza. Continue Reading »

With Israel’s blessing, Egypt floods more Hamas smuggling tunnels


Israel’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz affirmed that security cooperation between Egypt and Israel is “better than ever” and “flooding is a good solution.”



Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said Saturday that Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ordered the flooding of several Hamas tunnels linking Egypt to the Gaza Strip, to a certain extent, “due to Israel’s request.”

A Palestinian worker repairs a smuggling tunnel after it was flooded by Egyptian security forces, beneath the border between Egypt and southern Gaza Strip. – Photo: REUTERS

The minister affirmed that security cooperation between Israel and Egypt is “better than ever,” and asserted that “flooding is a good solution” for the challenge of tackling Hamas’ intricate tunnel system used for smuggling purposes. Continue Reading »