East Jerusalem school principal & teacher fired over incitement against Israeli soldiers


Education Minister, ‘Incitement to violence is not education’: Education Ministry outraged with school play where a student is portrayed as an IDF soldier shooting a Palestinian child and students singing songs that praise terrorists who murder Jews.

By Yael Branovsky


The principal and a teacher at an east Jerusalem elementary school were fired this week for allegedly inciting and encouraging violence against Israeli soldiers.

A student hurls stones with a slingshot at Israeli troops during clashes in Hebron on Wednesday – Photo: AP

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who has summoned the pair for a hearing, said Wednesday that “incitement to violence is not education, and anyone found to be inciting will not be part of the [education] system.”

On Tuesday, Education Ministry Director General Michal Cohen reprimanded the Dar al-Hahmah school’s board of directors, threatening to revoke the school’s license should the incitement recur. The representatives apologized and condemned the specific educators’ behavior.

The Education Ministry is looking into allegations that the school engages in unlawful political propaganda, incites to violence and adversely influences the students. The ministry’s investigation revealed that the school recently staged a play in which a student portrayed an Israeli soldier shooting a Palestinian child. The students also sang songs praising terrorists who killed Jews and waved photos of them.

Following the initial investigation, Bennett said, “We have talked enough about incitement. It is time to take action. The appalling activity at this school is the fuel of the terrorism machine, and the furthest possible thing from education. I pity the parents who applaud their children as they simulate an execution, but the educators who permitted this play to go on will be punished without leniency.”


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