Eitan, the IDF’s wheeled APC finishes 1st testing with Nahal Infantry Brigade


WATCH: The IDF’s ‘Eitan’, the world’s most modern & protected APC is set to replace the aging American made M113 and comes complete with air conditioning, touch-screen monitors, a 30mm cannon, Trophy active protection system, and with top speed at 56mph.

By Yoav Zitun


The Ministry of Defense’s new wheeled armored personnel carrier (APC), known as the ‘Eitan,’ has finished its first round of operational testing with the Nahal Infantry Brigade, which will be the first IDF combat unit to make use of the new vehicle.

The Eitan is slated to replace the aging M113 APC, which has been in service since the 1970s.

The Eitan wheeled APC – Video: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The new Eitan is the first wheeled APC to be used by the IDF and includes advanced defense systems such as the Trophy active protection system and hi-tech armor designed to protect against anti-tank missiles.

The Eitan was subject to months of grueling tests in varying terrain at IDF training bases in the Negev and Jordan Valley.

“The Eitan brings both strong resilience and lethality to the battlefield,” project head Maj. Sharon Guetta told Ynet. “The vehicle can reach speeds of 90km/h, but its purpose is obviously to enable a fighting force to safely arrive at the target area.”


The Eitan with the Nahal Infantry Brigade – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The Eitan has enough space for 12 soldiers—including the commander, gunner and driver—who will enjoy more comfortable seating (as opposed to the old APCs), a “softer” ride, air conditioning and touch-screen systems offering a 360-degree view of the battle space.

The APC comes equipped with a variety of joystick-controlled weapons systems, including an FN MAG, a .50 caliber heavy machine and a 30mm cannon with a range of 2,500 meters. The offensive capabilities are meant to be anti-personnel and anti-material in nature in order to protect the soldiers within.

Namer (top) and the new Eitan (Bottom) – Photos: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The heavier ‘Namer’ APC will also be equipped with the 30mm cannon in order to provide forces an alternative, more flexible option than a tank shell.

Currently, the Eitan project is in the final stages of operational approval by the IDF and the chief of staff will review a timetable and decide on the scope of the new APC’s use. In the short term however, the Nahal Brigade will continue to operate the Eitan, including in new deployment zones, in order to identify any potential deficiencies.


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The below video, Israel’s Rafael made Trophy Protection Systems, is installed on every Eitan APC: