Following Hezbollah’s lead, Hamas accuse Saudis of ‘undermining Palestinians’


In response to the delegation of Saudi businessmen & academics visiting Israel, Hamas calls on Kingdom to end ‘normalizing visits’ to Jewish State since it ‘undermines rights of Palestinians.’

By i24news


Hamas on Sunday called on the Saudi government to prevent “normalization” visits to Israel after a visit to the Jewish state by former Saudi General Anwar Eshki and a delegation of Saudi businessmen and academics earlier this month.

In a statement posted to its website, Hamas requested that Saudi Arabia “take measures to prevent these normalizing visits that [Israel] uses to undermine the rights of Palestinians and penetrate into the [Muslim] nation in thought and culture,” the Times of Israel reported.

Former Saudi General Anwar Eshki surrounded by Israeli lawmakers during a recent visit. – Photo: Courtesy

The Gaza-based terror organization and de-facto leaders of the Strip welcomed what it said was growing anger among Saudis over the recent visit led by Eshki.


The delegation had come to Israel to meet with lawmakers to advance the prospects of an Arab peace initiative on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The peace proposal, put forward by the late King Abdullah, offered Israel blanket recognition from 22 Arab states in return for an independent state for the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry last week sought to distance itself from the visit, saying that it “does not reflect the views of the Saudi government” and referring to Israel as “the occupied territories.”

Saudi ex-General, Dr. Anwar Eshki, of the Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies – Photo: Hispan TV

“Former Saudi General Anwar Eshki surrounded by Israeli lawmakers during a recent visit”

Leader of the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, also blasted the Saudi government over the visit last week, accusing it and the Arab world of abandoning the Palestinians, Ynet reported.

“Israel is not an enemy on the Arab stage on the official level, and Palestine has become an issue that is only discussed out of duty,” he said. “The worst development in this context is the transition of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia from secret to public.”

Nasrallah argued on Friday that the visit could never have occurred without official approval.

While Israel and Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic ties, they are seen as sharing regional security interests particularly over Iran.

Israel has long viewed the Islamic Republic as one of its main threats in the region, while Sunni Saudi Arabia considers the Shi’ite nation as a contender for dominance in the Middle East.