Gaza’s civilians receive uninterrupted medical care in Israel ‘without discrimination’

‘Save a Child’s Heart’, an Israeli-based humanitarian project, hasn’t slowed down bring Palestinian children to Wolfson Medical Center for treatment

• Palestinian grandmother from Gaza: ‘We did not face discrimination. I don’t care what they will say in Gaza, I saw the reality here.’

By Meital Yisor Beit-Or

Even as Gaza Strip-based terrorists continue to fire rockets at Israel, Palestinian children are receiving medical care at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center in the central Israeli city of Holon.

Gazan newborn Abdul Rahman Wahdan received surgery in Israel for a serious heart defect – Photo: Gideon Markowicz

On Tuesday, as on every Tuesday for the past 18 years, children from Gaza and the West Bank arrived at the hospital for routine medical checks as part of the Israeli-based international humanitarian project Save a Child’s Heart, which provides life-saving medical care for children born with heart defects.

“In our experience, there has never been a situation where the children did not come here,” said Dr. Alona Raucher, a senior cardiologist at the hospital. “We know how to separate outside circumstances from medicine and saving lives.”

On Tuesday, newborn Abdul Rahman Wahdan and his grandmother, Maliha Khateb, left Wolfson to return to their home in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun.

Abdul came to the hospital less than a month ago, when he was only 11 days old. He was suffering from a severe heart defect and was operated on in Israel.

“I appreciate and respect the treatment we received here,” Khateb said. “We did not face any discrimination. I don’t care what they will say in Gaza, I saw the reality here.”

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