Haaretz publicly exposes IDF hero who infiltrated anti-Israel B’tselem, Ta’ayush


Ultra-leftist paper published the identity of a decorated IDF hero who infiltrated & exposed leftists’ groups that informed Abbas’ PA on Arab-land sellers, who then would arrest & torture suspects before sentencing them to death.

By Gil Ronen


The Haaretz newspaper has exposed the alleged identity of the young man who infiltrated leftist groups as part of an investigative report that was aired on Channel 2 last week.

The man, who was planted in the leftist groups by a group called Ad Kan, recorded the most damning documentary materials aired on the show, by use of a hidden camera. His identity was kept secret on the show, and the IDF, too, refrained from making it public when he was awarded the Chief of Staff’s citation for his courage in Operation Protective Edge.

According to the Channel 2 report, the man – who was referred to by the pseudonym “Arik,” was the one who asked the IDF to keep his name secret, in order to make it possible for him to continue to infiltrate the leftist groups.

The investigative report has severely damaged the groups’ image as being concerned with “human rights,” by exposing that senior members of B’tselem and Ta’ayush have been informing on Arabs in Judea and Samaria who wish to sell land to Jews, in the knowledge that this leads to their arrest and torture by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which issues death sentences to people who sell land to Jews.

In an apparent retaliatory move, Haaretz‘s Amira Hass published what she said is Arik’s true, full name, and said it was possible to find his account on Facebook. She noted that the man’s girlfriend, who was identified only as Anna on the television program, and whose face was not shown, can also be seen in Facebook photos with him.

According to the investigative report, Arik took part in Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and found himself, at one point, alone in hostile territory, facing three terrorists inside a building in the Shejaiya neighborhood. The incident ended with the three terrorists dead, and with Arik making it out of the building a split second before it was blown up. He, himself, suffered wounds from a grenade.

He then went straight back to his role as secret agent for Ad Kan’s investigative report. He succeeded in winning the trust of Ezra Nawi, the central figure in Ta’ayush, whom he recorded boasting about informing on would-be Arab land sellers. A senior member of B’Tselem was also recorded as being part of the operation to inform on the land sellers.

Arik later received the Chief of Staff’s citation for his heroism in Gaza.


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