Haifa cleric calls on muezzins to remain silent during Jewish High Holidays




A local Muslim cleric instructs mosque criers in Israel’s northern coastal city to avoid calls to prayer on loudspeakers during the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. ‘There are things we can do without for the benefit of our neighbors,’ he says.

By Lior El-Chai

A Muslim cleric from Haifa has instructed muezzins in the city to refrain from calls to prayer during the High Holidays, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

No calls to prayer in September – Photo: Avishai Zigman and Hagai Dekel

Amir Mahmoud Sharif, head of Israel’s Ahmadi Islamic movement, gave the directive during a tour of Haifa’s mosques for Eid al-Fitr held by Mayor Yona Yahav.

Speaking at one of the mosques, Sharif called on muezzins to avoid calls on loudspeakers throughout the Jewish High Holidays including on Yom Kippur.

He said he would repeat the instruction again to ensure it reaches all muezzins. “There are things we can do without for the benefit of our neighbors,” Sharif told Yedioth Ahronoth. “It’s important that we set an example for good neighborly relations.”

Haifa Mayor Yahav remarked, “Haifa is the only place in the Middle East where there has been peace between all parts of society for 100 years.”


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