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Natural gas lines expedited to four Haifa factories

The expedited construction of gas distribution lines comes as part of a plan by Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry to reduce air pollution in the Haifa Bay area.


Following pressure from the Environmental Protection Ministry, four factories in the Haifa Bay region will soon be connected to natural gas for the first time, the ministry announced on Sunday.


The Haifa District Committee for Planning and Building recently approved the connection, after Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabai met with a number of officials in the bay region to demand the expedited construction of two low-pressure gas distribution lines, the ministry said. Continue Reading »

Arab Youths Riot in Haifa, Shouting ‘Slaughter the Jews’

The neighborhood of Hadar in Haifa came under assault as young Arabs boys hurled anti-Semitic epithets while attacking Jewish pedestrians with sticks & rocks.

By Chaim Lev, Ari Yashar


Several young Arab assailants armed with rubber straps, sticks and rocks entered the Hadar neighborhood in Haifa on Sunday, where they began beating passersby with the sticks and shouting “slaughter the Jew” in Arabic.

According to one of the testimonies from the attack, at around 11 p.m. the Arab youths arrived at Michael Street in the neighborhood and started threatening haredi residents on the street, with the sticks in their hands.

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Panda diplomacy hits Israel: China inspects Haifa zoo as possible new home

The Chinese pandas chief visited Israel last week with a huge 200-man business delegation, to determine if the Haifa zoo is Panda-worthy. Watch adorable video.


Following a diplomatic tradition going back millennia, China will be gifting Israel with two giant pandas, if it decides that the conditions in the Haifa zoo meet the animals’ needs.

Four-month old panda babies playing at Atlanta Zoo, December 12, 2013.

Four-month old panda babies playing at Atlanta Zoo, December 12, 2013. – Photo: Reuters

The delightful duo, which are actually a primitive species of bear, would be the latest to travel further to China’s “Panda Diplomacy,” a policy first employed by the Empress Wu Zetian in the year 658 AD to charm the Japanese emperor Temmu. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem Barrs Russian Missile Ship from Israeli Port Over Ukraine Crisis

Gov’t official said Israel is striving to maintain its neutrality in mists of the big powers’ confrontation over the Ukraine.



Israel denied a request by Moscow to let a Russian missile boat anchor at Haifa a month ago, making the decision against the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine, said a senior official in Jerusalem involved in the matter.

 Russian warship, Crimea

Russian warship, Crimea, March 14, 2014. – Photo: Reuters

Israeli officials were worried that allowing a Russian naval vessel to visit Haifa would worsen tensions with the United States. There were also concerns about possible espionage.

The request was handled by the national security adviser, Yossi Cohen.

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Haifa Launched Unique ‘Metronit’, Fast Stretched-Bus System

Friday, Israel’s northern city of Haifa launched a special fast stretched-bus system, the Metronit, aimed at reducing traffic & commuting times.

By Maayana Miskin


The city of Haifa’s Metronit system launched on Friday. The system is undergoing  a test run, during which passengers can ride the Metronit buses for free.

Haifa’s Metronit mass-transit system launched on Friday

City officials will weigh the impact of the new system and will consider changes to local bus routes.

The Metronit system uses a special extra-long, fast bus, with several doors to allow for quicker pauses at crowded bus stops. The bus will be given precedence at intersections and will have several streets to itself, allowing it to progress quickly through the city. Continue Reading »

Haifa cleric calls on muezzins to remain silent during Jewish High Holidays




A local Muslim cleric instructs mosque criers in Israel’s northern coastal city to avoid calls to prayer on loudspeakers during the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. ‘There are things we can do without for the benefit of our neighbors,’ he says.

By Lior El-Chai

A Muslim cleric from Haifa has instructed muezzins in the city to refrain from calls to prayer during the High Holidays, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

No calls to prayer in September – Photo: Avishai Zigman and Hagai Dekel

Amir Mahmoud Sharif, head of Israel’s Ahmadi Islamic movement, gave the directive during a tour of Haifa’s mosques for Eid al-Fitr held by Mayor Yona Yahav. Continue Reading »

Syrian hackers targeted Haifa’s water system

Israeli official says Syria’s failed cyber attack was launched about 2 weeks ago.

Literally, hundreds of cyber attacks occur every minute against crucial Israeli infrastructure.

By Ilana Curiel

A senior Israeli official revealed on Saturday that Syria has attempted two weeks ago to launch a cyber attack against Haifa‘s water system, in retaliation to the alleged Israeli attack in Damascus a month ago.

נשיא סוריה אסד. הפעיל את "יחידת הצבא הסורי האלקטרוני"?  (צילום: AP)

Syria’s Bashar Assad – Photo: AP

Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, chairman of the National Council for Research and Development, said that Israeli critical infrastructures such as electricity, water and the stock exchange undergo hundreds of cyber attacks every minute. Continue Reading »

6 Israelis killed in traffic accident outside Haifa

First report: Truck driver loses control of vehicle, crashes into 8 cars & pedestrians.

Emergency crews treating wounded at scene with at least 10 people reported injured.

At least six people were killed and a dozen were injured – two of them critically – in a multi-vehicle accident on the outskirts of the northern Israeli city of Haifa on Wednesday afternoon.

The scene of the accident in Haifa, April 10, 2013.

The scene of the accident in Haifa, April 10, 2013. Photo by ZAKA



Police say that they are not ruling out any possibilty in their investigation of the accident, including the possibility that it was a terrorist attack. Continue Reading »

Haifa mayor declares war on English…of all things!


As mayor, Yona Yahav abolished use of English words in official municipal documents & seeks to obligate businesses to use Hebrew signs instead of, or next to the English ones.

By Daniel Siryoti



With increasing frequency, Israelis are making use of English words in their day-to-day lives. The English language envelops Israeli consumer culture, from the word for music, “muzika,” to simply saying iPhone with an Israeli accent and including so many other instances.

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav wants English words off the street. – Photo: Herzi Shapira

English is the language of the “app generation” and prevades Israeli children’s education.

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Israeli doctors remove implant in rare procedure, after patient’s heart restarts

Patient’s heart makes miraculous recovery from rare heart disease, allowing doctors to completely remove device that had been keeping him alive for two years.

For the first time in Israel, doctors at the Carmel Hospital in Haifa conducted a rare procedure to remove an artificial heart from a patient. The operation was conducted after Haim Abuhazira’s heart began beating, two years after failing due to disease.

Abuhazira (31), a resident of Netanya, who has been recovering for the surgery that took place two weeks ago, was rushed to the hospital in 2010 after complaining of chest pain. He was operated on and put on a waiting list for a heart transplant.

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