Hamas angry: Egyptian fuel to Gaza halted for lack of payment by rival Fatah

In the never ending feud between Hamas & Fatah, now, a deal arranged with Egypt for fuel deliveries to Gaza appears short-lived as banks complain Abbas’ run Fatah reneged on payments, leaving two million Gaza residents with only 2 hours of electricity daily.

By i24NEWS – AFP


Power supplies haven taken a fresh hit in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, with authorities Saturday accusing the rival Palestinian Authority of blocking fuel payments to Egypt from going through banks.

The electricity authority said two of the three generators at Gaza’s only power plant were offline because “the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah stopped all the financial transactions through Palestinian banks to Egypt to buy fuel.”

Gaza Power Plant – Gisha

“This led to the stopping of fuel [deliveries] two days ago from Egypt.”

The electricity distribution company confirmed only one generator was operating, producing 23 megawatts of power — which added to other sources means Gaza currently has a total of 93 megawatts a day.

More than 500 megawatts are required to serve the Palestinian enclave’s population.

Internationally recognized Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who runs the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, has recently sought to squeeze his longtime rivals Hamas, who control Gaza.

His government recently stopped paying for energy to Gaza, leading Israel to start reducing it.

The cut has left the impoverished territory of more than two million people with as little as two hours of mains electricity a day.As an interim measure Egypt stepped in to deliver fuel to Gaza’s sole power plant, but that has now been threatened.The Egyptian deliveries came as part of improving relations between Cairo and Hamas.There was no immediate response from the Palestinian Authority.


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  1. Ben Kennedy says:

    Certainly the concept of all the people in your neighborhood telling you how to manage the affairs of your own house and family would be a great offence by everyone. If you want advice from your neighbors, you might selectively invite counsel from certain ones, but not others. How is it any different in the idea that Israel (and only Israel) is the only one equipped to administer their affairs seeking the best interest of their house? In these matters, I have no desire to make uneducated suggestions preferring to accept the Judgement of our Trusted Friend, Israel on all things relevant to their neighborhood. Socialist and Fascist Communist Central Administrations far removed from the regions they govern with force of arms, always (with out fail) do great harm to the lives of people in those regions. I accept what ever Israel has to say on all issues in the mid-east. In many ways, all other opinions from the forces in that area have demonstrated a most extreme hatred for Israel, thus can not be trusted to give any reasonable counsel on matters there. They even fight among themselves (Iraq against Iran; Iraq against Kuwait, etc. etc.).

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