Hamas reported co-founder dead from accidental gunshot after pointing gun at face

Arabs tell the sad tale of the unfortunate demise of the Hamas co-founder, Imad al Alami, who just 3 weeks ago was personally ‘inspecting his own handgun’ when it surprisingly fired a round right into his terrorist head.
– Hamas waiting for right moment to blame it on Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


It’s always a relief when Hamas does the IDF’s job for it.

That was the reaction of many Israelis on Tuesday upon hearing that Hamas co-founder Imad al-Alami had died some three weeks after accidentally shooting himself in the head.

On January 9, a Hamas spokesman reported that al-Alami had been critically wounded after his personal firearm unexpectedly discharged while he was inspecting it.

Hamas flag – Wikimedia

Note to readers: Never point a loaded gun at your own face.

Al-Alami spent the past three weeks at a hospital in Gaza City, but finally succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.

In addition to being one of the group’s original members, al-Alami was crucial to Hamas operations given his close ties to the Iranian government.


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