Hamas to begin regular protests against Abbas’ PA – in his capital, Ramallah

Hamas journalist says Hamas has organized protests to begin Sunday in Ramallah, demanding Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority ‘protect Gazans from PA’s punishments’ i.e. reinitiate salaries & fuel costs for electricity and prepare the West Bank for a Hamas takeover of both PA and PLO institutions.

By Dalit Halevi


Hamas journalist Muhammad al-Qiq said that a protest against the Palestinian Authority (PA) will be held on Sunday in Ramallah.

The protest aims to push the PA into ceasing its punishments of Gaza.

Past protests against autocrat Abbas in Ramallah – Photo: AFP

Speaking with Hamas newspaper Al-Risala, al-Qiw said Gaza has taught Israel and its allies a lesson about military and lone-wolf terror, and that the protest was aimed at the PA leadership, which has taken steps against Gaza.

The father of female terrorist Ahed Tamimi also condemned the PA organizations for their silence on the PA’s actions against Gaza, calling on them to act to protect Gazan residents from “criminal” punishments by the PA.

Hamas, which organizes the Gaza riots, has stated that one of their goals in rioting is to anger PA Arabs to act against the PA, in preparation for a Hamas takeover of both PA and PLO institutions.


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