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The play-by-play Abbas-Hamas feud that’s facilitating an upcoming war

ANALYSIS: Israel and Hamas are being maneuvered closer and closer to an open war, and the Palestinian Authority’s autocrat Mahmoud Abbas, strategically placing counter-punches to exert even more misery on the Gazans, is expediting the next armed conflict.

By Yochanan Visser


On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu told his cabinet the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were preparing for war against Hamas and other Iranian-backed terror organisations in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli news show Hadeshot  Netanyahu told his ministers that in light of the attempt by the Palestinian Authority to “choke”  Hamas in Gaza it was far from certain civil distress in the coastal enclave would diminish. Continue Reading »

Egyptian & PA officials accuse Palestinian autocrat for escalating Gaza crisis

The Palestinian Authority’s kleptocratic leader, Mahmoud Abbas recently blocked Qatari-funded fuel from reaching electricity-starved Gaza. Abbas “is doing everything in his ‎power to escalate the crisis in Gaza and prevent ‎Hamas from marking any diplomatic achievement,” an ‎Egyptian source said.

By Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


Egyptian‏ ‏and Palestinian officials on Sunday accused ‎Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of ‎actively escalating the crisis in the Gaza Strip in ‎hopes that it will force rival Palestinian faction ‎Hamas to hand over control of the coastal enclave. ‎

Hamas, designated as a terrorist group by the EU, ‎‎U.S., Israel and several other countries, ousted ‎Abbas’ Fatah-led government from ‎‎Gaza in a military ‎coup in 2007, ‎‎‎effectively ‎splitting the Palestinian ‎Authority into two ‎‎political ‎‎entities. Continue Reading »

Hamas threatens Israel should Mahmoud Abbas continue sanctions on Gaza

Following Israel’s Defense Minister promise to southern community leaders that he will not make an agreement with any terror group that’s committed to Israel’s destruction, Hamas warned Israel of consequences should PA leader Mahmoud Abbas fail to end their sanctions on Gaza.

By Elior Levy


The Hamas terror group threatened on Friday that Israel would “pay the price” if sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas continue or worsen.

“Israel is responsible for ending the current situation in coordination with, and encouraged by, him (Abbas),” a Hamas statement said.

Palestinian kleptocrats: Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh (left) and his second-in-comand, Gaza leader, Yahya Sinwar (center) PA autocrat, Mahmoud Abbas (right)

The ultimatum comes on the heels of expected renewed indirect talks between Israel and Hamas as they work to reach a long-term ceasefire to end months of fighting that has repeatedly brought the two sides to the brink of war. Continue Reading »

Hamas to begin regular protests against Abbas’ PA – in his capital, Ramallah

Hamas journalist says Hamas has organized protests to begin Sunday in Ramallah, demanding Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority ‘protect Gazans from PA’s punishments’ i.e. reinitiate salaries & fuel costs for electricity and prepare the West Bank for a Hamas takeover of both PA and PLO institutions.

By Dalit Halevi


Hamas journalist Muhammad al-Qiq said that a protest against the Palestinian Authority (PA) will be held on Sunday in Ramallah.

The protest aims to push the PA into ceasing its punishments of Gaza.

Past protests against autocrat Abbas in Ramallah – Photo: AFP

Speaking with Hamas newspaper Al-Risala, al-Qiw said Gaza has taught Israel and its allies a lesson about military and lone-wolf terror, and that the protest was aimed at the PA leadership, which has taken steps against Gaza. Continue Reading »

Hamas declares the PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas, an illegitimate leader

The deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council echoes what many of the Palestinians have contended for years, that the PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas stole the leadership, noting his constitutional term in office ended 9 years ago.

By Dalit Halevi


Ahmad Bahar, the deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council and one of the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization, on Wednesday accused Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas of an improper takeover of power and said he had lost the legal validity to his status as leader.

Ahmad Bahar gives address in Gaza, calling for the total liberation of “Palestine.”

Continue Reading »

Palestinian kleptocrat calls Trump’s ambassador to Israel, “Son of a Dog”

Speaking in Ramallah on Monday, Mahmoud Abbas delved into an open anti-Semitic rant, including calling the US Ambassador to Israel a ‘son of a dog,’ then also blasts his Islamist rival, Hamas, as responsible for last week’s assassination attempt that targeted his Prime Minister.

By i24NEWS


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas branded Donald Trump’s envoy to Israel David Friedman a “son of a dog” on Monday in a fiery speech that also blamed Hamas for trying to kill the Palestinian prime minister.

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman – Facebook/J’Post

Abbas said Friedman, who has frequently been critical of the PA, was a “settler” and a “son of a dog,” a turn of phrase that was bleeped out during his televised address. Continue Reading »

Israeli Defense Minister: Abbas manipulating situation creating IDF-Hamas conflict

Abbas appears to be fostering regional hostilities through his policies since Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. The PA autocrat is planning to stop the transfer of funds to Gaza for electricity, water, health and salary payments, blaming Israel for the resulting crisis, thereby forcing confrontations between Hamas and Israel.

Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


Defense officials are directly linking Friday’s car ramming attack, which killed two Israeli soldiers and seriously wounded two others, to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ policy of three resolute “noes,” first reported by Israel Hayom last week.

According to Abbas’ “three noes” policy, as long as U.S. Continue Reading »

Hamas leader challenges PA autocrat Abbas, calling for unity gov’t and general elections


Hamas’ new leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, stated that the enclave’s government was “opening a new page” with Egypt, having mended their previously strained ties.

By i24NEWS


Gaza-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called for all Palestinian factions to create a unified national government and to hold open elections at a press conference in Gaza on Wednesday.

Haniyeh was elected to head Hamas, the ruling faction in Gaza, in May.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh vs. Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas – AFP

The Islamist group, considered a terrorist group by the US, EU and Israel, seized control of the territory from Fatah, the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas’s party, in a near civil war in 2007. Continue Reading »

Autocrat Mahmoud Abbas censors news websites critical to his rule


Human Rights Watch has accused Abbas’ gov’t of arresting and abusing local journalists and activists critical of PA policies, seen as a violation of media freedom and freedom of speech.

By i24NEWS


The Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank has blocked 11 news websites associated with their Gaza-based rivals Hamas and other political adversaries critical of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, according to Arabic media reports.

Autocrat of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas – AP

The shutdowns were ordered by the Palestinian Attorney General’s office, with Palestinian media outlets quoting one anonymous official as saying that the sites blocked were in “violation of the rules of publications” which bars the dissemination of alleged fake news and defamation. Continue Reading »