Hezbollah media stirs Jordanians against Netflix for portraying Amman as Tel Aviv

Although the Netflix produced TV show is set in Israel’s largest city, large segments are being filmed in the Jordanian capital, so the Lebanese newspaper is angering the public in how they report producers having some local [Jordanian] actors wearing IDF uniforms.

By Daniel Salami


A new Netflix series currently being filmed in Amman sparked anger in Jordan after it was revealed the Jordanian capital is being used as a stand-in Tel Aviv, where the show is set.

According to Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, the American streaming company decided to film the project in Amman due to budgetary restrictions. The production is reportedly filming at some 50 different locations in the Jordanian capital.

Footage from the Netflix shoot in Amman show road signs in Hebrew, and parked cars with Israeli license tags. – Netflix

Photos from the set posted to social media show vehicles with Israeli license plates and street signs in Hebrew.

A reporter from Al Akhbar asked the production company whether she could take part in the filming, but it was made clear to her that the nature of the show “might not be acceptable for everyone.”

When the journalist asked the producers to elaborate further on the issue, she was told that not only were the Amman locations supposed to simulate Tel Aviv, but that in “some instances it may be necessary for the actors to wear IDF uniforms.”

The newspaper noted the production at the local level is being handled by Jordanian company Desert Motion Pictures.

The news caused uproar among Jordanians on social media, some of whom wondered why the issue is not getting a more widespread coverage in the Jordanian media.

“They occupy not only our lands, but our minds as well. Why is no one talking about this?” asked one user.

The Supporting Resistance and Fighting Normalization group sent a letter to the Jordan’s Film Department—in charge of authorizing film production throughout the country—demanding explanations on the matter.

Bedouin Reconnaissance Unit in the desert. – Photo: IDF Spokespersons Unit

“Netflix is filming in Amman, while presenting it as Tel Aviv. From the investigation we’ve conducted, the producers require those interested in joining the cast to wear the IDF uniform,” stressed the organization in the letter.

The organization also demanded to know why an Israeli film crew received entry permits to the archaeological site of Petra and the desert of Wadi Rum.


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