IDF Aids Palestinian Traffic Accident Victims Until Red Crescent Arrives


Israel’s soldiers regularly go out of their way to help Palestinians, but unfortunately, the media often portrays them as heartless oppressors.

By Israel Today Staff


The Israeli army is regularly painted as a heartless oppressor of Palestinian Arabs. But the reality on the ground more often then not simply does not support that view.

Israeli Army and Red Cresent Helps Palestinian Traffic Accident Victims Together

Cpt. Yamin’s team and Red Crescent Helps Palestinian Traffic Accident Victims – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

For instance, on Tuesday a Palestinian minibus was involved in a traffic accident in central Judea (the southern part of the so-called “West Bank”). Israeli army forces stationed in the area were notified, and did not hesitate to dispatch a medical team to the scene.

The four Israeli army medics provided care to each of the 20 Palestinian bus passengers. Red Crescent ambulances arrived a short time later and transferred the wounded to area hospitals. In severe cases, the army medics will often transfer Palestinian victims to more advanced medical centers in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Cpt. Karin Yamin, the officer in charge of the unit that responded to Tuesday’s accident, told the IDF blog: “For the soldiers in my unit, saving lives is a priority. Whether the patients are Israeli, Palestinian, Christian or Druze, we take care of them all in the same way. We also provide equipment to Red Crescent ambulances, especially when we see that they lack medical equipment.”

Cpt. Yamin said the Palestinians she and her soldiers treated were very thankful for the care they received at the hands of the Israelis.


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