IDF: CIA is trying to recruit IDF soldiers


IDF orders its officers & soldiers against accepting foreign invitations to recruit them as spies.

By Matt Wanderman


Over the weekend, the IDF’s intelligence branch sent a letters to all officers and soldiers, warning them against foreign attempts to enlist spies from among the IDF’s ranks.


Channel 2 reports that the message, entitled “enlistment of ex-special forces soldiers to an organization,” included a clipping from daily newspaperYediot Aharonot which told the story of a 2012 attempt by the CIA to turn Israeli soldiers into spies for the US.

It then instructed the recipients to report any suspicious activity to their commanders.

The story reported by Yediot involved recently-released soldiers who had served in sensitive positions and were traveling to the United States. US officials questioned the veterans for several hours, then asked them to serve as informants for the US.

The IDF has not stated what prompted it to send the letter.


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