IDF soldier wounded as patrol comes under fire from Lebanon



BREAKING: IDF soldier wounded by Lebanese gunfire in unprovoked attack along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

By David Rosenberg


An Israeli soldier was wounded by gunfire along the Lebanese border on Wednesday, and IDF spokesperson said.

IDF medic aiding injured soldier - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF medic aiding injured soldier – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“Shots were fired towards [IDF] forces on the border with Lebanon near Metullah, injuring a soldier,” a statement issued by the IDF read.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear and no further details are currently available.



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  1. israelandstuffcom says:

    This unprovoked attack comes less than 24 hours after 15 yr-old Nimer Bassem Abu Amar, a contractor’s nephew, who was assisting his uncle and the other workers for the defense ministry, was killed after sustaining two gunshot wounds as they were working on the border-fence on the Israel’s border with Egypt…according to last night’s TV2 news report.

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