IDF Video shows two firebombs thrown at security forces – UNRWA employee killed


UN organization which aides Palestinian refugees states employee was on way to work when Killed. IDF releases video which clearly shows violent assault on IDF forces.

By Elior Lev

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) stated that one of its employees, 34-year-old Rubin Ziad, was among the three killed in clashes between IDF forces and residents of the Qalandiya refugee camp in the vicinity of Jerusalem on Monday.

The statement said that sources revealed that the man was on his way to work and was not involved in any violent action. It was also stated that another UNRWA employee was shot in the leg during the clashes, and is currently in stable condition.

UNRWA released a condemnation of the killing and called on both sides to show maximum restraint and act according to international law.

Meanwhile, the IDF released a video allegedly showing the assault of the IDF forces which entered Qalandiya in order to make an arrest. Among others, a firebomb was lobbed at an IDF vehicle.


According to an IDF investigation, after the arrest at round 5:30 am, whistles and jeers began emanating from the densely crowded area, and Palestinian youths began throwing rocks and large stones at the force.

Then a back up perimeter force from the Artillery Corps awaiting nearby was alerted into the area to disperse the crowd and quell the potentially violent disturbance, the IDF’s initial investigation claimed.

The forces then fired live rounds at the disturbances’ chief instigators, which the army investigation claims did not respond to early warning shots and were posing a threat to the forces. The fire resulted in the death of three Palestinians and the wounding of 15 others. An IDF soldier sustained light injures and was treated on the scene.

According to the investigation, contrary to preliminary estimates, Palestinians did fire live rounds at the IDF forces, and four bullets were allegedly found inside the forces’ vehicles.

IDF Video shows two firebombs thrown at security forces

“In the first volley, an IDF force on a roof shot and hit a Palestinian before he threw a block at soldiers underneath him,” said a high-ranking officer with the Judea and Samaria Battalion.

“Those killed today were 19-year-old and upward, one of those released in the Shalit deal and another, familiar from previous disturbances in the city. The suspect we came to arrest is a top member of the Tanzim, arms dealer and organizer of disturbances in the area.”

The officer noted that during the clashes, at least 300 Palestinians attacked the soldiers. “It was a relatively violent and unusual disturbance, definitively relative to the previous 25 times we entered Qalandiya in the last months.”

The officer insisted that the IDF fire was “selective,” and the soldiers acted “with restraint.”


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