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Palestinian terrorist shot dead during knife-attack on female IDF soldier

Knife-wielding Palestinian male held at bay as female IDF soldier successfully fended off multiple stabbing attacks using the butt of her weapon, as force commander took open shot to neutralized him.

By Ynet, Reuters


IDF troops on Tuesday shot and killed a Palestinian attacker who attempted to stab soldiers at a junction near the West Bank settlement of Ariel. There were no Israeli casualties.

Israeli troops at a nearby military post “spotted an assailant who attempted to stab two IDF soldiers” stationed at the junction, the army said.

Corporal Lian Harush, fought the terrorist back.- Photo: IDF Spokesperson

“One of the soldiers blocked the assailant’s multiple stabbing attacks, and the commander of the troops who was at the scene fired towards the assailant and neutralized him,” the statement said. Continue Reading »

Terror victim censures UK for financing Palestinian’s ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews

British-born Kay Wilson, who miraculously survived a vicious machete attack by two Palestinian terrorists, lashes out at the naïve, (or convenient) policy of financing generous monthly stipends that is paid by the PA to jailed terrorists.
– Israel, Australia and the United States have levied harsh penalties against the PA for their policy to hire would-be assassins of Jews.



A British-born Israeli is accusing the UK government of subsidizing a Palestinian terrorist who seriously wounded her and killed her friend in a 2010 attack near Jerusalem.

Tour guide Kay Wilson was stabbed 13 times and her American friend Kristine Luken was killed in the machete attack by two Palestinian terrorists in the Jerusalem hills in December 2010. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist shot dead during stabbing-attack east of Jerusalem

A female Arab terrorist was neutralized while hastily charging towards IDF soldiers with a drawn knife in her hand at the main security checkpoint between Jerusalem and Maale Adumim.
– No Israeli security personnel were injured.

By David Rosenberg


A terrorist attack was foiled Wednesday morning east of Jerusalem, near the Adumim Interchange just west of Maale Adumim.

At just after 10 a.m., the Jerusalem district police said that they had received reports of a stabbing attempt at the al-Zaim checkpoint on Route 1, between Jerusalem and Maale Adumim.

Scene of attack: The al-Zaim checkpoint where a Palestinian assailant used the pictured knife (pictured above) in an attempted stabbing attack on security forces near Jerusalem, January 30, 2019.

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Palestinian terrorist shot dead, IDF soldier wounded in stabbing attack

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded in yet another knife attack near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron. Quick response by Israeli security forces left the Palestinian terrorist dead by gunfire.

By David Rosenberg


An Israeli soldier was stabbed by an Arab terrorist in the city of Hevron Monday morning.

The attack occurred between the Avraham Avinu neighborhood and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, when an Arab terrorist carrying a pair of scissors lunged at a group of IDF soldiers, stabbing one of them.

The terrorist attack was near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. – Photo: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

Israeli security forces opened fire on the terrorist, killing him. Continue Reading »

Guard of 13 yr-old Israeli hikers shoots Palestinian dead after group pelted by rock-throwers

Three boys and a father sustained injuries when a large number of Palestinians surrounded the group of children on a bar mitzvah hike in Samaria; pelting them with rocks, causing a guard to protect the children by opening fire.

By Efrat Forsher, Daniel Siryoti, Lilach Shoval and Israel Hayom Staff


A Jewish hiker shot and killed a Palestinian in a grave incident on Thursday, as the shooter accompanied a group of children on a hike in Samaria marking one of the hikers’ bar mitzvah celebration.

A large number of Palestinians surrounded the group of hikers, approaching them and throwing rocks. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist murders Border policeman, 2 security guards in Har Adar

Wife-beating Palestinian from Beit Surik shoots dead 3 members of Israeli security forces and seriously wounded one in morning terrorist attack, before being shot dead by Border Guard police on the scene.
– Hamas hails attack, saying ‘This is a new chapter in the Al-Quds intifada.’
– UPDATED with Israel Police video.

By Ynet reporters


A terrorist shot and killed a Border Policeman and two civilian security guards and seriously wounded another Israeli near the settlement of Har Adar in the Jerusalem area on Tuesday morning. The terrorist was shot and killed by security forces.

Magen David Adom paramedics treated three fatally wounded members of the Israeli security forces in their twenties and thirties, but had to pronounce them dead at the scene.The Continue Reading »

Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up next to Hamas security personnel

According to reports in the Arab media, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt, next to Hamas members who were arresting him.

By Elad Benari


The Interior Ministry in Gaza said on Wednesday night that a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian border, according to reports in Israeli and Arab media.

Egyptian Army destroys part of Egyptian Rafah to widen buffer zone with Gaza.– Photo: AFP


The reports said Hamas security personnel arrested two people who approached the crossing, when one of them blew himself up. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem man stabbed by female Palestinian terrorist near Damascus Gate

Male victim of Saturday’s terrorist attack by a Palestinian was evacuated to a nearby hospital in light condition shortly after stabber was neutralized by Border Police.

By Ynet reporters, TPS


A man was stabbed and lightly wounded on Sultan Suleiman St. in east Jerusalem.

The terrorist, a Palestinian woman, was neutralized without injury and arrested.

he female Palestinian terrorist, arrested by the Border Police after stabbing Israeli civilian in Jerusalem – YNET.

A police spokesman said a woman armed with a knife approached the man, 31, at a light rail station near the Damascus Gate on the corner of Bar Lev and Sultan Suleiman streets and stabbed him in the shoulder. Continue Reading »

Quick-thinking mom locked 5 kids in side-room, saving them from slaughter

The wife of Elad 36, one of the 3 Halamish victims butchered, managed to lock her children in a room during the attack, saving them from a certain death.

By Tzvi Lev


When the terrorist burst into a house in Neve Tzuf (Halamish) and started stabbing those assembled, the wife of one of those killed managed to lock five children into a room and call the Police. Her quick thinking likely stopped the body count from being even higher.

Elad Salomon with his wife – Photo courtesy

According to reports, as soon as the woman saw the terrorist enter, she shoved five children into a side room, saving them from the terrorist onslaught. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Defense Minister Liberman seeks to expedite home demolition of terrorist who killed 3


IDF soldiers arrest the brother of the Palestinian terrorist who infiltrated a family home on Friday evening and butchered three to death, leaving one seriously injured.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli Defense Forces overnight on Friday conducted a series of raids and surrounded the village of the suspected terrorist who infiltrated a home in the West Bank on Friday evening and stabbed three family members to death.

IDF soldiers patrol the town of Halamish after a Palestinian knife-attack that killed three people in their home having dinner. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Israeli security forces stated that they arrested the brother of man responsible for the attack. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Terrorist Enters Home, Murders 3, Injures 1 in Brutal Knife-Attack in Halamish


A 68 yr-old woman is in critical condition at Shaare Tzedek hospital after Palestinian terrorist breaks into family home, killing a 70 yr-old grandfather and his son & daughter, in the town of Halamish, north west of Ramallah.



Three Israelis were killed and one severely wounded in a stabbing attack in the West Bank town of Halamish on Friday evening.

Site of terror attack in Halamish, July 2017.- Photo: COURTESY OF IDFWO

A terrorist infiltrated a house in the West Bank settlement of Halamish (Neve Tzuf) Friday evening and stabbed four people before being neutralized. Three of the victims died of their wounds, while a fourth is in serious condition. Continue Reading »

2 IDF soldiers injured in ramming attack near Hevron, Palestinian terrorist neutralized

In the latest Arab terrorist car attack outside Kiryat Arba near Hevron, at least 2 IDF soldiers sustained light injuries, but required their transfer to a Jerusalem hospital.

By David Rosenberg


At least two soldiers were injured in a ramming attack outside of Kiryat Arba near Hevron Tuesday afternoon.

According to initial reports, an Arab terrorist drove his car into a group of IDF soldiers positioned outside the entrance to the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Beit Einun, northeast of Hevron.

Screen Shot of car ramming attack – Taken from Ynet

Two members of the squad were lightly injured in the attack. Continue Reading »

Arab paramedic’s account of how he struggled to save the life of Hadas Malka


Mohammed Abed al-Rahman, a senior paramedic with Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical service tells a heart-rending account of how he and his team responded to save Hadas Malka, who ultimately succumbed to her wound in last week’s terror stabbing in Jerusalem.

By Israel Today Staff


The following is the personal account of Mohammed Abed al-Rahman, a senior paramedic with Magen David Adom (MDA) who gave his all last week to save the life of Border Police officer Hadas Malka, who ultimately died of her injuries sustained in a terror stabbing at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate.

Arab Paramedic Fought to Save the Life of Fatally Wounded Border Police officer, Hadas Malka.

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Palestinians commit double-attack, Abbas rebukes Israel for ‘executing’ armed terrorists


PA chairman’s political faction doesn’t condemn Palestinian-ISIS terror-attack in Jerusalem, but criticizes Israel for the 3 terrorists dying after being neutralized by security forces near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, while they were carrying out their combined shooting & stabbing attack.

By Arutz Sheva North America Staff


Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah on Friday night blasted Israel for killing the three terrorists who carried out the combined shooting and stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, in which 23-year-old Border Police officer Hadas Malka was murdered.

Weapons used in Jerusalem Attack – Israel Police

In a statement, Fatah referred to the killing of the three as an “execution” and described it as a “war crime”. Continue Reading »

18yr-old Palestinian goes on stabbing rampage near Tel Aviv promenade


Israel Police arrest an 18yr-old Palestinian male from the West Bank after lightly wounding three men and a woman in a horrific stabbing rampage near Tel Aviv’s Leonardo Beach Hotel on Hayarkon Street.

By Eli Senyor, Itay Blumental and Yoav Zitun


An 18-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank stabbed and lightly wounded three men and a woman in Tel Aviv near Leonardo Beach Hotel on Hayarkon Street Sunday afternoon.

Policemen and MDA teams were immediately called to the scene, where the assailant was arrested.

Scene of stabbing in Tel Aviv – Photo- MDA spokesperson

While the exact circumstances of the attack were not immediately known, initial police assessments indicated nationalistic motivation. Continue Reading »