In Gaza summer (terrorist) camp kids play ‘kidnap Israeli soldier’

Gaza’s Islamic Jihad invites 1000’s of young children to carry a real AK-47, fight in activities ranging from shooting practice, soldier kidnapping, & IDF outpost attack.

Elior Levy

In a somewhat unorthodox summer camp in the Gaza Strip, children aged between six and 16 picked up AK-47s and engaged in a series of quasi-military drills, including a lively game of “kidnap an Israeli soldier” in the sand dunes of Rafah.

An AFP correspondent listed some of the activities the Islamic Jihad summer camp offers its enrollees: Weapons use, jumping over fire and crawling under barbed wire, all performed to the tune of exploding charges.
ילדים חוטפים "חייל" ממוצב מדומה של ישראל (צילום: AFP)

Kids ‘kidnap soldier’ (Photo: AFP)
"החטוף" נלקח כפות בעוד החברים מחפים באש (צילום: AFP)

Cover fire? (Photo: AFP)
היום בחולות הרצועה: ילדים מתרגלים ירי  (צילום: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)
הילדים שדימו חוליית טרור  (צילום: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)


Aside from technical skills, camp organizers also promise religious lessons.

Several photographs released on Wednesday show a young khaki-clad vacationer, his face colored in camouflage, dragged by two gun-toting tykes from an “outpost” adorned with an Israeli flag, in what appeared to be a reenactment of the Gilad Shalit kidnapping.

(צילום: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)
(צילום: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)
(צילום: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)


AFP reported that the summer camp organizers expect the participation of thousands between the ages of six and 16.


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