In search of lost cellphone, Israel’s El Al stewardesses save tourist’s life


An El AL flight’s departure was delayed, waiting for the return of 2 stewardesses who went to retrace steps in order to recover lost phone, but instead spent 30 minutes performing CPR on found unconscious Chinese tourist.

By Itay Blumental


Two Israeli stewardesses who were searching for a lost cell phone ended up saving the life of a Chinese tourist at the beginning of the week.El Al Stewardess Nitzan Rabinowitz, 25, noticed that her cell phone was missing a few minutes before her plane was due to depart, but decided to re-trace her steps to find it. She and one of her colleagues, Mor Levi, 22, went all the way back to the train station at the airport, where they saw an elderly Chinese tourist laying on the ground unconscious, while his terrified daughter looked on.

El Al Stewardesses Nitzan Rabinowitz and Mor Levi - Ynet courtesy

El Al Stewardesses Nitzan Rabinowitz and Mor Levi – Ynet courtesy

“As I was returning to the terminal, I saw someone on the ground and the person’s daughter screaming for help,” Rabinowitz recalled.

“I had no doubt in my mind that we would stay here and try to save his life.”

El Al Stewardesses Nitzan Rabinowitz and Mor Levi – Ynet courtesy

The two stewardesses, who were both trained in first aid, performed CPR on the man for half an hour.

After the man was finally able to breathe on his own, the man was taken to a hospital. The successful actions of the stewardesses led to the plane departing 15 minutes late, and the passengers were not notified of the cause of the delay.

“We felt that we did what was expected of us,” the stewardesses said.

“We were crying (from the emotions) at the beginning of the flight, but then we relaxed, and continued to work as usual. We really want to know how the man is doing. We have no idea, and no way to know.

Meanwhile, Rabinowitz’s cell phone was indeed found, and was given to Ben Gurion International Airport’s lost and found.

“Everything comes from above,” Rabinowitz said.


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