ISIS Supporters Stab Jewish Schoolteacher in France


While threatening & hurling anti-Semitic curses, 3 assailants who professed support for ISIS violently attacked, stabbing a Jewish schoolteacher in Marseilles.

By Cynthia Blank


A Jewish schoolteacher was wounded in a stabbing attack in the southern French city of Marseilles on Wednesday night, AFP reports.

Anti-Semitic graffiti – Reuters

The victim has been named as Tzion Saadon, a follower of Chabad in his 50s.

French police said Saadon, a history teacher at a local Jewish day school, was walking in the 13th District of Marseilles at around 8 p.m. when he was violently attacked by three men carrying knives.

According to Marseilles prosecutor Brice Robin, three men on two scooters approached the teacher in the street.

“The three people insulted, threatened and then stabbed their victim in the arm and leg. They were interrupted by the arrival of a car and fled,” Brice told Reuters.

Police prefect Laurent Nunez told AFP that the three had uttered anti-Semitic slurs while attacking the teacher.

The assailants also professed their support for the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, with one reportedly wearing an ISIS t-shirt.

The victim’s injuries are not life-threatening, Nunez said, and he was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

A large number of police officers are combing the area for the perpetrators.

The stabbing comes as France is on heightened alert following the ISIS terror attacks that murdered 129 people in Paris over the weekend.


Matt Wanderman contributed to this report.

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  1. fight back extra hard says:

    you guys must give caring about public opinion and start full on purging and harvesting of this cancerous enemy living and ploting against you every second of the day.

    make it news black outs , cutting of all inter net activity.
    take out all cell phone towers and citilites .
    give them emeny beating use nunchks and break there legs .

    tearing down only one house is not enough of a punishement , level everything within 2000 feet.

    draconian and caligula could give you good lessons on control of all these crazy savage animals .

    • But that would not destroy them. It would only send them deeper ‘underground’ making the intel even harder to acquire.

      Furthermore, it would turn us into the same unjust enemy we’re trying to stop. The source of their hatred, which motivates their violence, is the skewed interpretation taught by hateful leaders preaching the Qur’an. That’s the source, & it needs to be dealt with.

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