Israel distributes ‘week of rice’ to the needy in Vietnam

In the first rice donation from a foreign diplomatic agency in Vietnam to those affected by the pandemic, the Israeli Embassy donates 3 kgs (almost 7 pounds) of rice to each person who lost their job due to the coronavirus outbreak, enough to feed their families for a week.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli Embassy in Vietnam has donated one ton of rice to the needy in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital.

Nadav Ashkar, the Israeli ambassador handing out food. – Photo: Israeli Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hundreds of needy, most of whom have lost their sources of income due to the coronavirus epidemic, have received three kilograms (almost seven pounds) of rice, enabling them to feed their families for a week.

Nadav Ashkar, Israel’s Ambassador in Vietnam, speaking to Vietnamese media, said, “This donation expresses the Israeli spirit, a spirit of mutual responsibility and assistance.”

Nadav Ashkar, the Israeli ambassador happily handing out packages of rice. – Photo: VNA

“It also symbolizes the friendship of the Israeli people with the people of Vietnam, and I hope that it will ease the lives of the people here.”


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