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Israel distributes ‘week of rice’ to the needy in Vietnam

In the first rice donation from a foreign diplomatic agency in Vietnam to those affected by the pandemic, the Israeli Embassy donates 3 kgs (almost 7 pounds) of rice to each person who lost their job due to the coronavirus outbreak, enough to feed their families for a week.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli Embassy in Vietnam has donated one ton of rice to the needy in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital.

Nadav Ashkar, the Israeli ambassador handing out food. – Photo: Israeli Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hundreds of needy, most of whom have lost their sources of income due to the coronavirus epidemic, have received three kilograms (almost seven pounds) of rice, enabling them to feed their families for a week. Continue Reading »

Jordan reopens Israel Embassy after receiving apology & compensation over embassy killing

A Jordanian gov’t official reported on Thursday that Israel has sent an official apology with a promise “to follow up legal proceedings against the guard” known as ‘Ziv’ who killed 2, sparking a tense diplomatic stand off since July 2017.

By i24NEWS

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially apologized to Jordan over a July 2017 incident in which an Israeli security guard shot dead two people at the country’s embassy in Amman, a spokesman for the Jordanian government said on Thursday.

Israel’s PM Netanyahu embraces Ziv, a guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan who fatally shot 2 locals after being attacked with a screwdriver.

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Jerusalem’s mayor & US envoy look at properties for future embassy location

In a meeting held shortly after President Trump’s historic announcement, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, discussed potential locations for which the U.S. embassy may be moved to.



In a meeting two weeks ago, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman discussed potential locations for which the US embassy might set up camp in the capital, Barkat said.

The meeting was held a week after US President Donald Trump announced the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem – Wikimedia

Barkat did not specify which places were discussed, but stressed the initiative was discussed at the request of the Americans. Continue Reading »

Jordan refuses Israeli ambassador’s return or to reopen Israel’s Embassy

Jordanian Media Affairs Minister says neither the Israeli envoy may return to Amman, nor the reopening of Israel’s embassy will happen until the security guard who killed two Jordanians is returned to stand trial for murder.



Jordan will not allow the reopening of the Israeli embassy in Amman or the return of Israel’s ambassador unless the Israeli security guard involved in the killing of two Jordanians in July is brought to trial, a Jordanian government minister said Thursday.

Jordanian Media Affairs Minister Mohammed Momani issued a press release to this effect, in which he added that Jordan’s position on the issue was very firm. Continue Reading »

Israel sends $1 million in emergency aid to Hurricane Harvey victims

Working alongside staff from the the Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAid and Movers 495, an American-Israeli-owned removals firm, the Israeli embassy in Washington began sending aid to Hurricane Harvey victims.

By i24NEWS


The US embassy in Washington DC on Tuesday packed up a truck with several tons of supplies and donations to send to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

The Times of Israel reports that staff from the embassy worked alongside staff from the the Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAid and Movers 495, an American-Israeli-owned removals firm.

With volunteers from Movers 495, an American-Israeli-owned removals firm, the Israeli embassy in Washington sends aid to Hurricane Harvey victims.

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Israel’s embassy in Jordan under lockdown after guard stabbed, then kills two


After the Israeli security guard was stabbed with a screwdriver at the Israeli embassy in Amman, the guard shot the 17 yr-old assailant and another man, as tensions over the Temple Mount continue to worsen.



An Israeli security officer at the Israeli embassy in Jordan was stabbed in the stomach in Amman by a man with a screwdriver moving furniture in one of the residences in the embassy compound Sunday night, as tensions over the Temple Mount spilled over to the east side of the Jordan River.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement, the guard shot the assailant – identified as Mohammed Zakaria al-Jawawdeh, 17– in self defense. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Embassy in Cairo thanks Egypt for restoring ancient synagogue


Israel’s Army Radio reported on Tuesday that Israel thanked the Egyptian government in a statement from its Egyptian Embassy, for its decision to renovate the 160 yr-old synagogue in Alexandria.

By Ben Ariel


Israel has thanked the Egyptian government for its decision to renovate the ancient synagogue in Alexandria, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.

According to the radio station, the Israeli embassy in Cairo issued a statement saying that Israel appreciates the decision, which is an expression of interest in minorities.

The Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, located in Nabi Daniel Street, in Alexandria, Egypt. Photo: Moshirah-Wikimedia

Last week, the Egyptian government announced it approved a $22 million plan to restore the 160-year-old Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria. Continue Reading »

Palestinians surpass Israel with foreign diplomatic missions


With the Jewish State closing representative offices last year, it’s now lagging behind the Palestinian Authority as they have more diplomatic missions than Israel around the world.

By Yossi Aloni


In light of the damage to the Israeli Foreign Service and the closing of embassies – for the first time since the establishment of the State, the Palestinian Authority has more diplomatic missions from Israel around the world.

This symbol adorns all the Palestinian embassies. Pay attention to the map. Does it show only Judea, Samaria and Gaza as the claimed Palestinian state?

The Palestinian Authority has 98 embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions in 95 countries. Continue Reading »

ISIS Attacks on Vatican & Israeli Embassy in Rome Foiled by Italian Security Forces


Italian authorities successfully thwarted an ISIS attack on the Israeli Embassy in Rome & the Vatican, but 2 members of the cell have left Italy & entered ISIS controlled territory.

By Associated Press


Arrest warrants were issued for six people affiliated with ISIS on Thursday evening, four of which planned to attack the Israeli Embassy in Rome and the Vatican.

Two of the Muslim terrorists who planned to carry out an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Rome – Photo: EPA

Milan prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli told reporters that investigators intercepted communications from within ISIS held territory ordering attacks in Italy, “with particular attention to the city of Rome” and focusing on the Holy Year pilgrimage now underway. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Egyptian embassy reopened after being ransacked 4 years ago by mob


As part of ongoing ties with Sisi, Cairo’s appointment of an ambassador to Israel in June and the Israeli flag back in Cairo today demonstrate the strengthening ties in the region.

By i24news


Israel’s Embassy in Egypt re-opened Wednesday following a four-year closure.

In 2011, following the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Israeli diplomats were forced to leave the embassy when protesters stormed the building .

The Israeli delegation led by Director General of the Foreign Ministry, Dr. Dore Gold, arrived in Cairo today to mark event. The ceremony was attended by Egyptian officials, the US Ambassador to Egypt, as well as employees of the Israeli embassy headed by Ambassador Haim Koren. Continue Reading »

New Delhi police detain suspicious man eying Israeli embassy


According to Indian news service, the suspicious man tried running away when  approached by Israel’s embassy security personnel.


New Delhi police detained a 45-year-old man after “he failed to give a proper reason for loitering around the Israel embassy in the national capital’s high security area” on Wednesday, the Indo Asian News Service reported.

India terror plot

Indian forensics experts investigate after a blast tore through a car belonging to the Israel Embassy, in New Delhi, India, Feb. 13, 2012. – Photo: AP

The man, who was spotted outside the embassy around noon, started running after security personnel asked him what he was doing, according to the news service.

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Pigs’ Heads sent to Israeli Embassy, Synagogue & Jewish Museum of Rome

While responding to a bomb threat against Rome’s main synagogue, Italian police make a grisly discovery.

By Arutz Sheva Staff and AFP


Boxes containing pigs’ heads have been sent to the Israeli embassy in Rome and the city’s synagogue, Italian media reported Saturday.

The package mailed to the embassy in the wealthy Parioli area of the Italian capital was intercepted by police after other similar parcels were sent to the synagogue and the Jewish Museum of Rome.

Bomb disposal experts who rushed to the scene discovered the grisly head, which they believe came from a slaughterhouse.

A letter inside contained derogatory comments about the Holocaust and references to Theodor Herzl, considered to be the founder of modern political Zionism, the Repubblica daily said. Continue Reading »

Arabs furious at Czech President’s Jerusalem remark


Egypt summoned Czech ambassador after their president discussed moving embassy to Israel’s capital.

By Associated Press

The Cairo-based Arab League has condemned remarks by the Czech president about moving his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, calling them a violation of Palestinian rights and international resolutions.

Czech President Milos Zeman - Photo: Reuters

Czech President Milos Zeman – Photo: Reuters

In its Wednesday’s statement, the 22-nation organization called for summoning the Czech ambassador in Cairo to express “dangers of these remarks.”

The United Nations proposed an international jurisdiction for Jerusalem when it wrote the mandate for a Jewish Israel state in 1947, but a 1948 war divided the city between Israeli and Jordanian control. Continue Reading »

Chief PLO negotiator dismayed by Czech president’s call to move embassy to Jerusalem

PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat sends letter to Arab League saying move would undermine peace process, wants meeting on the issue.




Czech President Milos Zeman’s proposal to move the Czech Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem prompted Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator in the peace talks with Israel, to send a letter of protest to Prague stating that such a move would undermine the peace process.
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat at construction site for Route 4, March 14, 2013.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat at construction site for Route 4, March 14, 2013. – Photo: TOVAH LAZAROFF

Zeman publicly voiced his views on the subject at the opening of the annual Days for Israel forum in Hradec Kralove in East Bohemia last week.

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Israel opened new diplomatic mission in unnamed Gulf state

Leaked gov’t document to Hebrew daily reveals Israel opened a new economic office in an unnamed Gulf State

By  Israel Today Staff


A government document leaked by the Hebrew press on Sunday revealed that Israel had recently opened a new diplomatic mission in an unnamed Persian Gulf state.

The document was prepared for the Foreign Ministry as part of its economic plan for 2013-2014, and was reported on by the left-leaning daily Ha’aretz.

Israel has in the past operated diplomatic missions in Oman and Qatar, though both nations closed those offices for fear of appearing unsympathetic to the “Palestinian cause.” Continue Reading »