Israel opened new diplomatic mission in unnamed Gulf state

Leaked gov’t document to Hebrew daily reveals Israel opened a new economic office in an unnamed Gulf State

By  Israel Today Staff


A government document leaked by the Hebrew press on Sunday revealed that Israel had recently opened a new diplomatic mission in an unnamed Persian Gulf state.

The document was prepared for the Foreign Ministry as part of its economic plan for 2013-2014, and was reported on by the left-leaning daily Ha’aretz.

Israel has in the past operated diplomatic missions in Oman and Qatar, though both nations closed those offices for fear of appearing unsympathetic to the “Palestinian cause.”

In general, however, the Sunni-dominated Gulf States have moved closer to Israel in recent years in the shadow of the looming threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. Numerous media outlets have previously reported that the Gulf States would be all too happy were Israel to militarily neutralize Iran’s nuclear program.

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Earlier this month, it was Qatar’s prime minister who sought to breath new life into the 2002 Arab League Peace Initiative on terms more friendly toward the Jewish state.


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