Israel Prison Services bust Palestinians smuggling phones in stomach

Israel prison service official explains how Palestinian smugglers swallow miniature cellphones, then go get themselves arrested so they can deliver them to the intended incarcerated terrorist.
o far this year, over 70 smuggled phones used to orchestrate terrorist activities have been found & confiscated. 

By Itsik Saban


The Israel Prison Service has uncovered a sophisticated method of smuggling cellphones into Israeli jails, the agency announced on Sunday.

Security prisoners, the agency said, have been caught trying to smuggle miniature cellphones into prisons by swallowing them. The smugglers would commit petty crimes just so they could be arrested and then deliver the phones to a specific person already behind bars.

Cell phone smuggled to Palestinian terror prisoners – Screenshot: Israel Police

The IPS said it recently began installing jammers in prisons in order to ensure smuggled phones would be rendered unserviceable.

“The IPS is at the forefront of the war on terrorism,” the agency said in a statement.

In other cases, phones were hidden within the prison walls.

Confiscated cellphones - Photo Courtesy, Israel Prisons Service.

Confiscated cellphones – Photo Courtesy, Israel Prisons Service.

These phones were used by inmates to direct terrorist acts. More than 70 smuggled cellphones have been seized thus far in 2019.


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