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Nabbed: Jailed Palestinian terrorist feigns illness to smuggle phones from hospital

Incarcerated Palestinian terrorist complains of severe pain and is transferred to hospital, where awaiting hidden packages containing phones and 17 SIM cards are found during a precursory security check in a restroom available for security prisoners.

By Orli Harari


An Arab terrorist who is imprisoned in the Shikma detention center took advantage of a hospital visit to smuggle cell phones to the detention center.

The security prisoner complained on Thursday morning that he was not feeling well due to medical problems he is suffering from. After an examination at the clinic of the detention center, it was decided to transfer him for a comprehensive examination at a hospital. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF Navy Foils Attempt to Smuggle Rocket Making Materials

In this joint IDF, Shin Bet operation, night-vision aerial reconnaissance film shows 2 vessels with 4 Hamas operatives intercepted, foiling their attempt to smuggle materials into Gaza, meant for the manufacture of rockets that would be fired on Israeli cities.



The IDF thwarted an attempt to smuggle materials, meant for manufacturing rockets, into the Gaza Strip in early May, The army released for publication Friday morning.

Two Palestinian vessels entered the forbidden area in the southern Gaza Strip on May 11, in violation of the security regulations and the armistice directives. The navy seized the vessels and the four suspects on them were transferred to interrogation of security forces. Continue Reading »

Israel Prison Services bust Palestinians smuggling phones in stomach

Israel prison service official explains how Palestinian smugglers swallow miniature cellphones, then go get themselves arrested so they can deliver them to the intended incarcerated terrorist.
o far this year, over 70 smuggled phones used to orchestrate terrorist activities have been found & confiscated. 

By Itsik Saban


The Israel Prison Service has uncovered a sophisticated method of smuggling cellphones into Israeli jails, the agency announced on Sunday.

Security prisoners, the agency said, have been caught trying to smuggle miniature cellphones into prisons by swallowing them. The smugglers would commit petty crimes just so they could be arrested and then deliver the phones to a specific person already behind bars. Continue Reading »

Palestinian enters Israel, taken to jail, and found with 6 cellphones inside him

Having just been returned home by Israeli Border Guard police officers after infiltrating into Israel, the Palestinian was again apprehended for trying to cross the security fence in the Jerusalem area for the second time. This time arrested, he was found to be smuggling cellphones for incarcerated security prisoners.

By Mordechai Sones


Israeli Border Police officers arrested an Arab attempting to cross the security fence in the Jerusalem area for the second time. Only minutes before he was jailed in Ofer Prison six cell phones were removed from his body that were allegedly intended to be smuggled to security prisoners. Continue Reading »

Israeli officials discovered medical supplies sent to Gaza are bomb-making materials

Hidden in a shipment of medical supplies sent to the terrorist enclave, materials needed in the making of rockets & explosive devices were intercepted during a routine inspection of goods by the on-site laboratory.

By Nikki Guttman


Security forces recently thwarted an attempt to smuggle bomb-making materials into the Gaza Strip, the Crossings Directorate in the Defense Ministry revealed Sunday.

The contraband was hidden in boxes containing medical supplies bound for the coastal enclave.

Some of the contraband materials intercepted at Kerem Shalom crossing. – Photo: Israel’s Defense Ministry

According to available details, suspect materials were discovered during a routine inspection of goods coming through the Kerem Shalom crossing. Continue Reading »

Police bust cell-phone smuggling ring to incarcerated Palestinian terrorists

Israel Police uncover surreptitious ring smuggling contraband to Palestinian security prisoners using soft-drink cartons sent to the prison’s canteen by the supplier’s employees.

By Eli Senyor


Police have uncovered a network smuggling mobile phones to security prisoners serving sentences in Israeli jails using employees of a company supplying canteen items to prisoners.

The surreptitious scheme was uncovered by an investigation conducted by the police’s central region main unit. Among those arrested for participating in the network are a West Bank resident and Israeli citizens employed with the marketing company providing the canteen products. Continue Reading »

Customs authorities nab Palestinian smuggling ancient Roman coins out of Jordan


Returning Palestinian from the Arab village of Tulkarem was caught attempting to cross the Allenby Border Crossing from Jordan with a ‘heavy coat’ containing 53 historical coins from the Roman period.

By Ido Ben Porat


Customs authorities at the Allenby Crossing between Jordan and Israel foiled on Sunday an attempt to smuggle coins from the Roman and Mameluke periods into Israel.

The smuggler, a resident of the Palestinian Authority city of Tulkarm, was crossing back into Israel from Jordan when he was tagged for a more thorough search by the Israeli Customs Authority.

After the customs officer asked the suspect to empty his pockets, he noticed the suspect’s coat contained something heavy. Continue Reading »

Israeli Arab lawmaker suspected of smuggling phones to imprisoned Palestinians


Speaking about the Joint List, the Arab political party that holds 13 of the 120 seats in Israel’s parliament, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that the report about Ghattas is “more proof that the Joint List is really a joint list of spies and traitors.”

By i24news


Israeli police launched an investigation into an Israeli Arab lawmaker for allegedly smuggling cell phones to Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, local media reported Sunday.

Basel Ghattas, a lawmaker from the Balad Party, which is part of the Joint (Arab) List, will be summoned by the police for questioning after the Israel Prison Services said they received information that he was planning to transfer the phones into the Keziot Prison. Continue Reading »

Shin Bet Arrest Palestinian Who Transfers Cash to Hevron for Hamas


Israeli security forces arrested an Arab male from the Palestinian Authority yesterday, who took exploited his entry permit into Israel for smuggling money from Hamas in Gaza, to terrorists in Hevron.

By Kobi Finkler


Security officials on Wednesday interrogated Bashir Muhammed Younis Mustafa – a resident of Gaza, who has a license to enter Israel for commercial purposes.

During the interrogation, Mustafa admitted that during the past month he had ferried some $50,000 from Gaza-based Hamas to Hevron officials connected to Hamas.

He explained that an official of the transfer unit of Hamas, which operates south of the Erez Crossing, approached him since he had a permit to enter Israel. Continue Reading »

Israel arrests Norwegian embassy driver for attempt to smuggle out antiquities


Norwegian Embassy chauffeur, Issa Najam of East Jerusalem, was stopped and arrested while attempting to leave the country, while driving a senior Norwegian diplomat in official diplomatic vehicle.

By i24news


Hidden Antiquities found in a Norwegian diplomatic vehicle on May 31, 2016, at the Allenby – Israel Tax Authority

A chauffeur for Israel’s Norwegian Embassy was arrested last week at the Allenby Crossing to Jordan for allegedly trying to smuggle 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of antiquities out of the country, the Times of Israel reported on Monday, citing a Tax Authority statement.

The driver, named as Issa Najam of East Jerusalem, was stopped at the crossing while in an official diplomatic vehicle and accompanied by a senior Norwegian diplomat, according to the Times of Israel. Continue Reading »

Shin Bet interferes with Hamas smuggling attempt


Border Crossing Authority, working with the Shin Bet, uncovered hidden water pumps used to pump water out of tunnels, and metal pipes used to make mortars, en route to the Gaza Strip to be used in attacking Israel.

By Yoav Zitun



Water pump used to pump water out of Hamas tunnels – Photo: Crossing Points Authority

Security forces in cooperation with the Shin Bet stopped a shipment of metal tubes and water pumps into the Gaza Strip Thursday morning.

Water pumps sent to Gaza used to pump water out of tunnels – Photo: Crossing Points Authority

The metal tubes are of the variety typically used by Hamas terrorists to construct mortars, while the water pumps are typically used to pump water out of Hamas tunnels as they are being dug.

Continue Reading »

Israel’s Shin Bet Nabs 4 tons of Hamas-bound chemicals used for rocket fuel


Released for publication: Just prior to Passover, Israeli customs & security officials at the Nitzana Border Crossing with Egypt seized 4 tons of ammonium chloride concealed within a shipment of salt, destined for Gaza.



Security forces have foiled an attempt to smuggle into Gaza four tons of chemicals that can be used to manufacture long-rang rockets, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced on Tuesday morning.

Nabbed by Israel’s Shin Bet

Before the Passover holiday, customs and Shin Bet officials at the Nitzana Border Crossing used by Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Authority seized the four tons of  ammonium chloride concealed within a shipment of salt. Continue Reading »

Jordanian diplomat nabbed smuggling into Israel month after EU diplomat caught


Jordanian diplomat caught ‘red-handed’ sneaking smartphones and gold bars through border with Israel, just a month after EU diplomat caught with near identical contraband.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Customs inspectors caught a Jordanian diplomat red handed trying to sneak dozens of kilograms of gold and hundreds of smartphones into Israel, in a near identical incident to a smuggling attempt in the car of a European Union (EU) representative just a month ago.

Smuggled smartphones – Photo: Courtesy Israel Tax Authority

In the thwarted smuggling on Sunday, Israeli inspectors at the Allenby Bridge Crossing on the Jordan border near Jericho found the illegal goods in the private car of a Jordanian diplomat who serves at the Jordanian embassy, as he crossed in to Israel.
Continue Reading »

Israel customs officials discover EU diplomat’s car with smuggled gold bars and steroids




A European Union diplomat was caught attempting to smuggled bricks of pure gold, jewelry, hundreds of smartphones, and dozens of kilograms of steroids into Israel on Thursday at Allenby Crossing.

Contraband seized from EU vehicle at Allenby Bridge. – Photo: CUSTOMS AUTHORITY

The goods were discovered by customs officials in the vehicle of the European Union representative, as the representative and his driver attempted to enter into Israel from Jordan by means of the Allenby Crossing, near Jericho. Continue Reading »

Time after time Hamas smugglers busted sneaking contraband to Gaza via Israel


As the Egyptian army continues to eliminate smuggling into Gaza, a single checkpoint in Israel has become a bottleneck for goods flowing to Hamas’s military industry, with Israel’s special intelligence team successfully foiling 670 ‘creative’ smuggling attempts so far this year.

By Alex Fishman 


Israel’s experienced intelligence officers treat this group as an enemy that must not be underestimated. It is a serious close-knit group of 40-something year olds who have been together for over 20 years. They all have experience with underground and military activities, they’ve all been wanted by Israel since the mid-90s, and they have all survived assassination attempts. Continue Reading »