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Nabbed: Jailed Palestinian terrorist feigns illness to smuggle phones from hospital

Incarcerated Palestinian terrorist complains of severe pain and is transferred to hospital, where awaiting hidden packages containing phones and 17 SIM cards are found during a precursory security check in a restroom available for security prisoners.

By Orli Harari


An Arab terrorist who is imprisoned in the Shikma detention center took advantage of a hospital visit to smuggle cell phones to the detention center.

The security prisoner complained on Thursday morning that he was not feeling well due to medical problems he is suffering from. After an examination at the clinic of the detention center, it was decided to transfer him for a comprehensive examination at a hospital. Continue Reading »

Israel Prison Services bust Palestinians smuggling phones in stomach

Israel prison service official explains how Palestinian smugglers swallow miniature cellphones, then go get themselves arrested so they can deliver them to the intended incarcerated terrorist.
o far this year, over 70 smuggled phones used to orchestrate terrorist activities have been found & confiscated. 

By Itsik Saban


The Israel Prison Service has uncovered a sophisticated method of smuggling cellphones into Israeli jails, the agency announced on Sunday.

Security prisoners, the agency said, have been caught trying to smuggle miniature cellphones into prisons by swallowing them. The smugglers would commit petty crimes just so they could be arrested and then deliver the phones to a specific person already behind bars. Continue Reading »