Israeli Arab fighting Assad’s regime ‘can’t go home’

Israeli Arab who entered Syria to join rebel forces says they burned his passport & now refuse to allow him to return home.

Hassan Shaalan


An Israeli Arab who crossed the border from Turkey to Syria and joined the rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar Assad‘s regime told his family he is having trouble returning to Israel because the rebels burned his passport.

Rebels in Aleppo – Photo: AFP

The man claimed the rebels told him “whoever joins us does not return to his family.”

A relative of the young Arab Israeli told Ynet, “He called me a month ago and said he and his friend were pleased with their move (joining the rebels). They said the rebels gave them food and a place to sleep and also taught them how to fight Assad’s forces.”

But according to the relative, the tone changed in a more recent conversation they held. “He called me again and said he was very frightened, that both of their lives were in danger and they can’t handle the situation.”

The relative said one of the Israelis told him that entering Syria was a mistake. “He said the rebels burned their passports and asked for our help, but there is nothing we can do. We are afraid they will be harmed.”

The Foreign Ministry said it has contacted “elements in Turkey in an effort to reach the two missing (Israelis) who are believed to have entered Syria, but so far there are no developments.”


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