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Israeli Christian Zionist urges fellow Arabs to not vote for the Arab Party

Referring to past Arab Knesset members, Yoseph Haddad reminds his fellow Israeli Christians, “They do not care about us; they are only involved in the provocations promoting the Palestinian cause… It is time to start building the bridges that will lead to a united society (of Jews and Arabs together) in the State of Israel, in our home.”

By David Lazarus


Yoseph Haddad, a Christian Arab Israeli and wounded IDF veteran is appealing in an open letter to all Arab citizens in Israel not to vote for the United Arab List next week, but to go out and elect representatives “who will work with us in the Knesset for the next 4 years.” Continue Reading »

Israeli-Arabs win massive lawsuit against Abbas’ Palestinian Authority

Touching on his judgement of $3.61 million, the Jerusalem District Court judge mentioned the horrors, torture, rape & mutilation of body organs the Israeli-Arab prisoners suffered through during their unjustified incarceration by the Palestinian Authority.

By i24NEWS


Following a verdict issued by the Jerusalem District Court, $3.61 million has been confiscated from the Palestinian Authority by Israel, Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper reported on Thursday.

Jerusalem’s Enforcement and Collection Authority began a confiscation process in recent days amid cases filed against the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Jerusalem District Court House. – Photo: Sir Kiss/Wikimedia

The petitioners are members of the Arab-Israeli community who currently reside in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

REVEALED: Arab Israelis voted for party of ultra-Orthodox Jews

Surprising as it sounds, a number of Israeli Arabs from a few different Arab towns voted for the United Torah Judaism, an ultra-Orthodox party, in appreciation for receiving assistance from its party head and Deputy Health Minister, Yakov Litzman.

By Yehuda Shlezinger


At a polling station in the Arab town of Arara in Wadi Ara, the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party garnered 224 votes. In the Arab local council Bu’eine Nujeidat in Israel’s north, UTJ received 156 votes, as compared to just two votes in the last elections.

View of the Druze town of Sajur in the Galillee. – Photo: Wikimedia/אריאל פלמון

In Kafr Kanna, an Arab town in the Galilee, UTJ did not win any votes in the last elections. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Arab Voters Lack Real Representatives

Israeli Arabs express increased frustration with existing Arab Knesset parties, which only seem to focus on the Palestinians, neglecting the vast amount of local Arabs seeking integration, which is indicative to the ever growing enlistment of Arab volunteers into the IDF.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel’s Arab voters are disappointed with their options ahead of the upcoming national election.

In order to woo votes from Israel’s right-leaning Jewish public, most of the mainstream parties tout their Jewish bonafides. Meanwhile, the handful of Arab parties seem more interested in representing a hostile “Palestinian cause” than working for the benefit of the local Arab population. Continue Reading »

Israel’s first Arab Rhodes scholar has the audacity to love her country & make it better

Lian Najami, a proud Arab-Israeli who grew up in Haifa will start a master’s degree at Oxford this fall, where she will study comparative politics with a focus on inclusion policy, hoping to bring some of the lessons she learns back to Israel, ‘We should be looking at how we incorporate all the people who live in this country and find a way to live together.’

By Andrew Tobin


TEL AVIV (JTA) – Lian Najami, Israel’s first Arab Rhodes scholar, is the kind of person who can be optimistic about just about anything — including having a needle stuck in her spine. Continue Reading »

Poll: 82% of Israeli Arabs have no desire to live under Palestinian Authority

In an Israel Hayom poll released Tuesday, 73% of Israeli Arabs feel a sense of belonging and 60% said they were “proud” to be Israeli.

By Baruch Ron


Sone 73% of Israeli Arabs feel a sense of belonging and 60% are proud to be Israelis, according to a new poll commissioned by Israel Hayom and conducted by the New Wave Research Institute that was released Tuesday. The poll questioned 426 Arab Israelis aged 18 and up, and did not include the Druze community.

Nearly two-thirds of the respondents (65%) defined themselves as not religious, while 35% said they were religious. Continue Reading »

Israel jails Arab Israeli couple who joined ISIS

The Israeli Arab couple, Wissam and Sabreen Zbedat from Sakhnin in northern Israel, were found guilty and jailed for leaving Israel in 2015 with their three young children, to an enemy country and taking part in terrorist activities.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A court in Haifa on Thursday sentenced an Arab Israeli man to more than five years in jail for joining the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group.

The court said in a statement that it sentenced Wissam Zbedat to 70 months in prison and a 14,000 shekel ($4,000) fine for travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS.

The prosecution accused Zbedat and his wife, Sabreen, of leaving the country in 2015 with their three children then aged three, six and eight for Syria to join ISIS. Continue Reading »

Israel TV2 reporter and cameraman beaten in Jaffa by ‘Peaceful’ Israeli Arabs


While reporting the funeral of a 20 yr-old Arab criminal from the Tel Aviv suburb of Jaffa, who was shot, killed by police while attempting to evade arrest, the crowd violently turned on the reporting crew and subsequently, almost no media outlet mentioned the attempted Arab lynching of the two innocent Jews.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel has grown so fearful of upsetting the status quo with the Arabs living both inside and surrounding the country that it is willing to quietly sacrifice the safety of its own Jewish population, the very people the state was established in order to protect. Continue Reading »

Muslim couple from northern Israel graduate with MA in Jewish Studies


For the Muslim couple from the village of Sulam in northern Israel, Muhammad and Aida Masarwa, the study of Kabbalah, Torah, Jewish thought, and liturgical poetry came easy, noting, ‘We were surprised to discovered that our Jewish classmates didn’t know more about Judaism than we did!’

By Shahar Hay


Last month, a diverse class of 36 graduate students from the Ono Academic College received an MA in Jewish Studies, among them ‎Muhammad and Aida Masarwa, a Muslim couple from the village of Sulam in the north.

Their classmates—a group dominated by ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews—warmly embraced them throughout their years of study together. Continue Reading »

Interview With Muslim & Christian Girls Volunteering For the IDF


Listening to these young Muslim & Christian Arab girls who are volunteering for the Israeli army in ever greater numbers, you wouldn’t still think Israel is a racist, apartheid state.

By David Lazarus


Young Muslim girls are joining the fight, on Israel’s side! These courageous young women have a unique and important story to tell, and together with a growing number of Christian Arab girls, they are breaking new ground joining ranks with the Israeli army.

Combat Women Warriors in the IDF – Photo source: Israel Today

When Private ‘A’, one of the Muslim girls now serving in the IDF decided to enlist, her parents refused to support her. Continue Reading »

Apartheid Israel? Israel National Police to have first Muslim commissioner


Israel made history once again when Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan announced Jamal Hakroush is to be promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner and is to set up new Arab branches of Israel Police.

By Raphael Poch


Israeli history is about to be made once again, and this time by Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud).

Deputy Inspector-General in Israel Police – Jamal Hakroush

Erdan intends to establish an executive administration that will be tasked with enforcing law within the Arab sector and to do that the executive will need to enlist Arab police officers into the Israeli police force. Continue Reading »

Many Israeli Arab & Christian Voters Seek Integration With Jewish State

Interesting interview with leader of newly formed Arab party, that contrary to the United Arab List, hopes to enter Israel’s Knesset & promote integration with Jewish society.

By Tsvi Sadan


The amount of nonsense Israelis are subjected to as election campaigns heat up is diverting attention the new United Arab List that poses a serious problem for the Jewish state.

Mahmoud Nujidat, a pro-Israel Arab advocate – Israel Today

The list is a merger of four Israeli Arab Knesset factions that run the gamut from communists to extreme Islamists. If this list wins the 12 seats surveys say it will win, the Knesset will play host to a powerful political faction that takes order and money from Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Continue Reading »

Family members ashamed, distancing themselves: MK Hanin Zoabi ‘Doesn’t Represent Us’

Brave young Mohammed Zoabi no longer stands alone as a proud Israeli Arab, with more members of the Zoabi clan saying  radical Arab MK Hanin Zoabi should just stay silent.

By Moshe Cohen


Mohammed Zoabi, the 17-year-old who publicly disagreed with his relative MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) over her blatant anti-Israel stance, isn’t the only Zoabi who has had enough of the Arab MK’s Israel-hating antics.

On Monday, a representative of the Zoabi family told reporters that there were many people in the extended Zoabi clan who disagreed with Hanin when she said that the Hamas terrorists who kidnapped three Israeli teens weren’t terrorists, justifying the abduction. Continue Reading »

Exclusive: Israel’s Arabic high-tech

With Arabic the fastest growing language content on the Internet, Arab-Israeli start-ups target users across ideological boundaries.



Six months after [Israel’s] Clalit Health Services released a series of instructional Arabic-language videos about breast feeding on YouTube, the health fund was shocked by their popularity – the combined million views they racked up eclipsed the number of breast-feeding women among the country’s 1.7 million Arab citizens.

View of theThe Arab city of Nazareth in northern Israel - Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

View of the Arab city of Nazareth in northern Israel – Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Clalit found the solution to the mystery in the analytics: More than half of the views had come from Saudi Arabia, 16 percent from Egypt and 9% from Iraq. Continue Reading »

Israel Airport to undergo sensitivity course on ‘humiliating’ security procedures


Knesset ruling follows public outcry after improper treatment of an Arab Israeli teacher, who underwent a strip-search.

By i24NEWS


The Knesset Public Petitions Committee decided on Monday that Israeli Airport Authority officials will meet with people who have been forced into invasive security checks. The meetings, which will involve Arab MKs will be part of an attempt to enlighten airport officials on the often humiliating security searches that Arabs have to go through.

AN EL AL plane at Ben Gurion International Airport ( Wikimedia Commons )

AN EL AL plane at Ben Gurion International Airport – Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Haaretz newspaper reported that the decision follows last month’s public outcry over the treatment of Ezias Elias Shehadeh, and Arab Israeli teacher who was strip-searched while flying with her Jewish students. Continue Reading »