Israeli hospital receives 1st of 7 Ukrainian wounded in demonstrations


Israeli surgeons at Kaplan Hospital ready to reconstruct Alexander S.’s shrapnel-ridden hand.



A Ukrainian wounded on the streets of Kiev in clashes between protesters and police arrived for treatment in Israel on Wednesday and six more expected were to arrive Thursday, according to a report by Walla news website.

Ukrainian Alexander S. hospitalized in Israel

Ukrainian Alexander S. hospitalized in Israel. – Photo Courtesy: Kaplan Hospital

Surgeons at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot will attempt in the next couple of days to reconstruct the crushed and shrapnel-ridden hand of 20-year-old Alexander S., the first Ukrainian to arrive in Israel after riots and demonstrations that brought down the country’s president.

Orthopedic specialist Dr. Alexander Kaban said a team of surgeons will try to repair the bone and restore the soft tissue in the Ukrainian’s hand and arm, according to Walla.

He will able to receive the specialized treatment – better than what would be available in Ukraine – due to efforts by Dr. Valeria Bivitzchik,, who flew to Kiev as a volunteer for the International Red Cross. When she returned to Israel for her regular physician’s job at Kaplan Babichek petitioned to bring over Alexander for treatment and the hospital agreed.

Six Ukrainians wounded in the bloody confrontations in Kiev last month were expected at Ben Gurion International Airport on Thursday, and more patients will arrive in the near future, Walla reported.


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