Israeli officials discovered medical supplies sent to Gaza are bomb-making materials

Hidden in a shipment of medical supplies sent to the terrorist enclave, materials needed in the making of rockets & explosive devices were intercepted during a routine inspection of goods by the on-site laboratory.

By Nikki Guttman


Security forces recently thwarted an attempt to smuggle bomb-making materials into the Gaza Strip, the Crossings Directorate in the Defense Ministry revealed Sunday.

The contraband was hidden in boxes containing medical supplies bound for the coastal enclave.

Some of the contraband materials intercepted at Kerem Shalom crossing. – Photo: Israel’s Defense Ministry

According to available details, suspect materials were discovered during a routine inspection of goods coming through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Inspectors sent the materials for analysis by an on-site laboratory, which determined they are used in the making of explosive devices and rockets.


The lab was set up a few months ago at Kerem Shalom with the specific intent of screening materials barred from entering Gaza. It tests for a wide range of contraband materials in liquid, gas and solid form.

New security lab identifies chemicals and other dangerous materials before they are transferred to Gaza. – Photo: DEFENSE MINISTRY SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT

Established as a joint project by the Crossings Directorate, Shin Bet security agency and Israel Police, the lab recently assisted security forces in preventing a shipment containing several tons of explosives from reaching the Gaza Strip.

The shipment, also intercepted at Kerem Shalom, was found in a truck carrying a load of cargo purported to be motor oil.


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