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Israel erects 6 meter high ‘smart-fence’ on border with Gaza

On Israel’s most explosive border, the new ‘smart’ 6 meter (20 ft) high barrier will be 65 kilometers long, made of thick galvanized steel, layered with razor wire, equipped with vibration censors & cameras and will be defended immediately by IDF soldiers stationed near by.
– PM Netanyahu, “The barrier will prevent the infiltration of terrorists from Gaza into our territory.”



Israel’s Defense Ministry announced that it has begun the construction of an upgraded security barrier along the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

“On Thursday, we began working on the final component of the barrier project along the Gaza border,” said Brig.-Gen. Continue Reading »

Doomed Israeli teen texted to friend night before of impending death

Prior to her death in Thursday’s Negev flood, one girl texted to her friend Wednesday evening, “I cannot believe that I am actually going out on this trip in this weather. It makes no sense…. We will die, I am serious.”

By Itai Blumenthal


One of the victims of Thursday’s Zafit Stream tragedy, in which nine youths died after being swept away by a flash flood, seemed to have predicted her fate, according to texts she sent her friend before setting out on the trip.

Wednesday, a girl wrote her friend: “Everything is yellow, disgusting.” Her friend responded: “I cannot believe that I am actually going out on this trip in this weather. Continue Reading »

Israeli officials discovered medical supplies sent to Gaza are bomb-making materials

Hidden in a shipment of medical supplies sent to the terrorist enclave, materials needed in the making of rockets & explosive devices were intercepted during a routine inspection of goods by the on-site laboratory.

By Nikki Guttman


Security forces recently thwarted an attempt to smuggle bomb-making materials into the Gaza Strip, the Crossings Directorate in the Defense Ministry revealed Sunday.

The contraband was hidden in boxes containing medical supplies bound for the coastal enclave.

Some of the contraband materials intercepted at Kerem Shalom crossing. – Photo: Israel’s Defense Ministry

According to available details, suspect materials were discovered during a routine inspection of goods coming through the Kerem Shalom crossing. Continue Reading »

IDF: Aim is every tank and APC off assembly line has ‘Trophy’ defense system


view videoIn a deal estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels, Israel’s Defense Ministry is acquiring hundreds of Trophy missile defense systems to ensure its intergraded into every tank and APC coming off the assembly line.

By Lilach Shoval


The Defense Ministry announced Thursday plans to acquire hundreds of Trophy tank protection systems in a deal estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels.

Trophy, also known as Windbreaker, is an active tank protection system designed to intercept and destroy incoming anti-tank missiles and rockets with a shotgun-like blast.

The system is the product of a collaborative project between Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta Group. Continue Reading »

Israel’s new Defense Minster demonstrates: New retaliation policy far more severe


After the IAF hit dozens of Hamas targets in Gaza overnight in retaliation for unprovoked rocket fire on an Israeli city, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman demonstrated his change in the retaliatory strike policy of Israel’s defense establishment.

By Ido Ben Porat


Avigdor Liberman demonstrated on Sunday for the first time that it paid off to seat him in the chair of the Defense Minister on the 14th floor of the Kirya building in Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Avigdor Liberman

The Yisrael Beytenu chairman made it clear that the retaliation policy of the IDF has changed, and that from now on all rocket fire from Gaza into Israel will be met with a strong response from the Israeli Air Force. Continue Reading »

Video of IDF’s Newest Air Defense System: Israel Air Force Begins Receiving David’s Sling


view videoWATCH: Today Israel’s Defence Ministry & Missile Defense Agency transfers control of the ‘David’s Sling’ air defense system to the IAF, as they begin receiving main components.


The Defence Ministry and the Missile Defense Agency began handing over control of the David’s Sling air defense system to the Israel Air Force on Tuesday.

The development comes after a series of successful trials were completed in December, said the Ministry’s Home Administration, which is in charge of developing missile defenses.

IAF takes possession of David’s Sling air defense system. – Photo: DEFENSE MINISTRY

The IAF’s Air Defense Branch has now begun receiving the main components of David’s Sling. Continue Reading »

Israel Port Authority Discover 450 Liters of Rocket Fuel Component on Way to Gaza




A Palestinian truck was discovered smuggling hundreds of liters of the banned substance TDI, with the intention of transporting the goods to the Gaza Strip, the Defense Ministry revealed on Monday.


TDI – Wikipedia

The truck, which was crossing from Judea into Green Line Israel through the Tarkumiya crossing, was registered as carrying a delivery of “soybean oil.” The vehicle aroused the suspicion of inspectors from the Defense Ministry’s Crossings Authority, and a preliminary chemical test on the oil containers discovered an unidentified substance. Continue Reading »

Is IDF’s planned metamorphosis a sign of future Iranian action?

Senior defense source says coming years represent opportunity for the  IDF to adapt to future challenges, but says Israel’s military establishment will need $16.05-$16.84 billion a year to do it.



The IDF is seeking government commitment to a multi-year defense spending plan – a commitment that has been absent for the past several years – as it prepares to deal with the possibility of a covert Iranian attempt to break through to nuclear weapons production, a senior defense source said on Sunday.

A SATELLITE view of the Fordow nuclear plant. The plant will not be shut down under the Vienna agreement, but no enrichment will be allowed there.

Continue Reading »

Greek Defense Minister signs status of forces agreement with Israel

Visiting Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos signed a status of forces accord with Israel that up until now has only been afforded to the United States.



Israel and Greece signed a status of forces accord in Tel Aviv on Sunday that offers legal defense to both militaries while training in the other’s country.

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos visited his Israeli counterpart Moshe Ya’alon at the Defense Ministry, where the accord was signed. Israel has only ever signed a similar accord with the United States.

During their meeting, Kammenos and Ya’alon discussed continued bilateral defense ties, and the latest regional situation. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Defense Ministry successfully conducts ballistic missile propulsion system test

Israelis were surprised when a rocket designed to propel satellites into space shot across the morning rush hour skies of central Israel, in a successfully planned launch by the Defense Ministry.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Israel conducted a test launch of a rocket propulsion system on Tuesday morning, the Defense Ministry announced. The test took place at a military base in central Israel.

A smoke trail is seen over central Israel, Tuesday morning – Photo: Beni Jajati

The Defense Ministry said the test was scheduled far in advance and was carried out as planned.

The system tested on Tuesday is designed to propel ballistic missiles that can carry satellites into space. Continue Reading »

Watch: In successful test, David’s Sling shoots down incoming missile

Israel’s Defense Minister Ya’alon: This successful project will become operational in 2016



Following recent assessments on the significant rocket threat posed by Hezbollah to the Israeli home front, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday that it carried out a successful test of the David’s Sling anti-projectile system, which is designed to shoot down short to medium-range rockets and missiles.

During the trial, carried out this week in central Israel by the Defense Ministry and the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, David’s Sling radar identified a mock Sparrow missile heading into its air space, and fired an interceptor that struck and destroyed the target. Continue Reading »

Report: Palestinians working for Israelis doubles for 2014

The 92,000 Palestinians who work for Israelis earn an average of NIS 198 (about $52) per day, while Palestinian working under the Palestinian Authority, make NIS 91 per day, or 45% of those in Israel.


The number of Palestinians working for Israelis on either side of the Green Line doubled in the last four years and now make up 2.2 percent of all workers in the country, according to the Bank of Israel’s upcoming 2014 annual report.

Palestinian laborers work at a construction site in a settlement near Jerusalem – Photo: REUTERS

“The size of the Palestinian employment in the Israeli economy is expected to continue to grow in the foreseeable future,” the central bank said in an excerpt published on Tuesday. Continue Reading »

First Israel Defense Minister to Visit India, a “True Friend”

Israeli DM Moshe Ya’alon takes off Monday night for an official visit to India – the 1st time Israel’s Defense Minister to made the journey.

By Kobi Finkler & Cynthia Blank


Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) will take off Monday night for New Delhi as part of an official visit to India.

His visit will mark the first time an Israeli defense minister has traveled to the Asian nation.

During his visit, Ya’alon will attend the inauguration of a defense industries of Israel pavilion during an arms fair held in the city of Bangalore, the capital of southern Indian state Karnataka.

Continue Reading »

Residents from Israel’s border communities angered by NIS 70m. security cutback


Disagreement between Public Security Ministry and the Defense Ministry will leave dozens of communities on Israel’s border without a security budget beginning January 1.

By Matan Tzuri


A NIS 70 million cut to the security budget for 50 Israeli border communities will go into effect on December 31, leaving problems with the border fence unsolved, removing arms from military warehouses, and hindering the ability of security coordinators to monitor the border 7 days a week, Ynet learned on Thursday, while the Defense Ministry and Public Security Ministry both say the matter does not fall under their responsibility.

Damage to the kibbutz’s security fence will be left unfixed after the budget cut comes into effect.

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Israel’s Minister of Defense: Let’s not delude ourselves, there is no Palestinian partner

Defense Minister Ya’alon tells Knesset committee that Jerusalem opposes Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, says it probably won’t come to fruition anyway.



The Palestinians are not a partner for peace, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Wednesday.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon – Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry spokesman

“There is no partner on the other side. That is the reality. Our soldiers are intelligent enough to understand the complex situation on the field and to know how to deal with it. There’s no immediate solution. We can’t delude ourselves,” he stated.

Israel opposes Hamas-Fatah reconciliation, but it probably won’t come to fruition anyway, he added. Continue Reading »