Israeli Terror Victim Then Becomes Victim of Cyber-Bully




After having survived stabbing attack by two Palestinians, Kay Wilson tells how she then faced an equally terrorizing libel campaign by a relentless cyber-bully.

By Ryan Jones & Ariel Rudolph



In December 2010, Kay Wilson found herself in the midst of a nightmare when she and visiting American Christian friend Kristine Luken were attacked by knife-wielding Palestinian Arabs in a forested area south of Jerusalem.

Kay Wilson on Step By Step: The Idiot’s Guide To Surviving A Machete Attack for TEDxBGU - YouTube screenshot

Kay Wilson on Step By Step: The Idiot’s Guide To Surviving A Machete Attack for TEDxBGU – YouTube screenshot

Wilson previously recounted for Israel Today the traumatic event that took her friend’s life and left her badly wounded.

But Wilson’s pain and suffering was long from over. In addition to dealing with medical treatments, rehabilitation, emotional scars, and a struggle to receive the insurance coverage due a victim of terror, Wilson was also targeted relentlessly by an Internet stalker determined to smear her name.

For over two years, the stalker used private Facebook accounts and the comment sections of any news website that dared to write about Wilson’s plight to promote his own, twisted version of events.

According to this individual, Wilson’s injuries were only superficial (a fact easily disproved by her own medical records) and she was just trying to milk the state for money. But far worse than the accusation of fraud was his claim that Wilson was the one who had murdered Luken.

Nearly all of the stalker’s assertions were quickly debunked when Israeli police announced the arrest and confession of the two Palestinian assailants in 2011, but that didn’t stop him from endlessly harassing Wilson.

Finally having had enough, and armed with a strong suspicion of whom she was dealing with, Wilson engaged the services of a private investigator who quickly compiled evidence on the perpetrator.


In September of this year, Wilson gave the stalker an opportunity to make matters right privately, but threatened to go public should he fail to respond.

Among Wilson’s demands were that the stalker remove all slanderous claims from the Internet, issue a public apology, and reimburse her for the cost of the private investigator.

When these conditions were not met, Wilson made public the identity of her tormentor, one Jon Selby. She told Israel Today that legal proceedings against Selby are forthcoming, and added:

“In all good faith I can not call the person who did this to me a ‘man.’ His attempted character assassination of myself is in some ways as cowardly and as odious as the Palestinian terror attack. Jonathan Selby is also a terrorist. An emotional terrorist. Just like the terrorists, Selby attacked the defenseless: Just like the terrorists he executed his heinous deeds in secret, thinking that he would never be caught: And just like the terrorists, Israeli justice will serve it’s cause.”


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