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Palestinian leaders livid after EU conditions aid on ending ties with terror groups

Palestinian leaders unite sending protest letters to European Union officials, claiming groups like Hamas are merely political parties not terror organizations, noting the EU stipulation nullifies their national “struggle against Israeli occupation,” demanding continued EU funding without restrictions.

By  Eldad Beck


The Palestinian Authority has launched a broad public political campaign to convince the European Union to rescind its decision to prohibit monetary aid to PA-affiliated organizations and institutions if it doesn’t sever all ties with terrorist groups.

“The national Palestinian campaign to reject conditional funding” has picked up steam in recent weeks, after the EU, for the first time, introduced a fundamental change to the financial aid contracts Palestinian bodies are required to sign, whereby any cooperation with terrorist organizations will result in the unilateral cessation of funding by the EU. Continue Reading »

IDF gunships strike Hamas positions in Gaza in response to arson balloons

Following the explosion of an incendiary device flown into Israel by a ‘toy airplane’ attached to a bundle of balloons, IDF attack helicopters hit two Hamas military posts in Gaza.
– IDF Statement: “The IDF will continue to operate in order to protect Israeli civilians from acts of terror emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

By i24NEWS


Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) on Sunday confirmed that combat helicopters struck two Hamas positions in Gaza in response to incendiary balloons launched from the enclave.

“Earlier today, an explosive device attached to multiple balloons was launched on a model airplane from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. Continue Reading »

WATCH Saudi TV personality: Time to admit the truth, terrorists are Muslims


view videoSaudi television journalist rips into ‘hypocritical’ leaders who encourage Jihad, then “have the audacity to declare that they denounce bombings everywhere and that the killing of civilians is an attack on the religion (of Islam).”

By Ari Soffer


A Saudi Arabian TV host has urged Muslims to face up to the fact that Islamic terrorists are indeed Muslims, and do more to combat the phenomenon instead of denying it.

In a rare – and scathing – moment of introspection for an Arab TV host, Nadine Al-Budair insisted no one should be surprised that Islamist terrorists had emerged from “our schools and universities.” Continue Reading »

Palestinians Shot Friday While Trying to Destroy Gaza Border Fence

Security forces shot & wounded 2 Palestinians as they were throwing rocks at IDF soldiers & rolling burning tires at the Gaza border fence.

By Elad Benari, Canada


IDF soldiers shot and wounded two Arab men from Gaza, one seriously and one moderately, in separate incidents Friday afternoon, AFP reported.

The military said soldiers opened fire to break up a violent demonstration by several Gazans who were throwing rocks at soldiers and rolling burning tires at the border fence.

“During continuous attempts to disperse the riot soldiers fired toward the main instigators’ lower extremities,” an IDF spokeswoman told AFP. Continue Reading »

Security Expert: Group That Bombed Embassy in Beirut Founded by Iran

Counter-terror expert says Lebanese branch of Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group that claimed responsibility for Iran embassy bombing was established by Iran.

By Ari Yashar



The Lebanese branch of Abdullah Azzam Brigades, the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group which claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s attack on Iran’s embassy in Beirut was initially established by Iran, according to a Middle East counter-terror expert.

Scene of Beirut blasts – Reuters

Tuesday’s attack in Lebanon left 23 dead, among them an Iranian attaché, and an additional 146 wounded. The blast reportedly was a message telling Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah to pull their forces out of Syria where they are supporting President Bashar Assad’s regime.  Continue Reading »

Israeli Terror Victim Then Becomes Victim of Cyber-Bully




After having survived stabbing attack by two Palestinians, Kay Wilson tells how she then faced an equally terrorizing libel campaign by a relentless cyber-bully.

By Ryan Jones & Ariel Rudolph



In December 2010, Kay Wilson found herself in the midst of a nightmare when she and visiting American Christian friend Kristine Luken were attacked by knife-wielding Palestinian Arabs in a forested area south of Jerusalem.

Kay Wilson on Step By Step: The Idiot’s Guide To Surviving A Machete Attack for TEDxBGU - YouTube screenshot

Kay Wilson on Step By Step: The Idiot’s Guide To Surviving A Machete Attack for TEDxBGU – YouTube screenshot

Wilson previously recounted for Israel Today the traumatic event that took her friend’s life and left her badly wounded. Continue Reading »

Jewish Couple & Child, Narrowly Escape Arab Mob in Jerusalem

Young Jewish couple, with their 4 yr-old son, barely escape Arab lynch-mob; “if they’d had a gun, we would have left there dead.”

By Oranit Etzer


A young Jewish couple from the town of Beit El, along with their four year-old son, narrowly escaped death after an Arab lynch mob attacked their car near Jerusalem’s A-Tur neighborhood.

One of the rocks hurled by attackers – Photo: Asaf Bruchi

Asaf and Naama Bruchi were travelling through the largely Arab neighborhood when their car stopped in traffic. Suddenly, they were pelted by rocks and other missiles, and found their car surrounded by Arab thugs. Continue Reading »

Watch Video: Arab Anti-Jewish Riots in Jerusalem

Violent Arab mob smashes windscreens of cars with metal rods & debris as frantic Jews make their getaway. – This is Jerusalem, 2013.

By Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer


A video uploaded Wednesday shows a frenzied Arab mob targeting cars driven by Jews as they pass near Jerusalem’s Damascus (Shechem) Gate.

The video was uploaded to the “Free Qudss” account on YouTube, and to a group by a similar name on Facebook.

The text at the start of the video reads: “Destroying the settlers cars and arrests”, and claims to have been taken near Damascus Gate.

The account’s operators and the videographers claim the events are from Tuesday evening, and that the identities of the attackers had been blurred out to protect them from being identified. Continue Reading »

US feels betrayed after Israel backsteps out of terror suit

The White House & Congress upset at Israel’s decision to back out of trial against Bank of China for its involvement in laundering money for Hamas & the Islamic Jihad.

The reason for Israel’s retreat: China conditioned Netanyahu’s state visit on promise from Jerusalem not to testify in trial.

Now, the US is threatening to subpoena Israel’s Ambassador Oren

By Shimon Shiffer

Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren was called back to Israel to take part in an emergency meeting convened this weekend by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so that Oren could pass on  messages sent by the US administration and Congress in the wake of tensions between the two countries. Continue Reading »

UK Report: EU governments held secret talks with Hamas dispite terror blacklist

According to a report published in The Guardian, the Islamist terrorist group spoke with France, the UK, Spain & others despite EU’s official policy of isolating it.





Hamas has been in closer contact with European governments despite Brussels’ official policy of isolating the Palestinian Islamist organization, according to a report which appeared in the British daily The Guardian on Friday.

Hamas supporters rally in Hebron

Hamas supporters rally in Hebron – Photo: REUTERS

The newspaper quoted senior Hamas officials as saying that the organization which today rules the Gaza Strip has over recent months held back-channel discussions with numerous EU governments, including the United Kingdom.

Continue Reading »

Palestinian Terrorists from Gaza Sneak Into Sinai to Fight Egyptians

Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorists from Gaza are infiltrating via the illegal smuggling tunnels into the Sinai so they can attack Egyptian army outposts.

By Chana Ya’ar



As the death toll rises in clashes between Egypt’s army and pro-Morsi protesters, Muslim Brotherhood-linked Gaza terrorists are infiltrating the Sinai to attack Egyptian army outposts.

Although the army has sealed at least 50 tunnels in the past two weeks, hundreds remain open and active under the border between Egypt and Gaza.

A senior Egyptian official told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper on Saturday that at least 150 Izz a-Din al-Qassam operatives – members of the Gaza-based Hamas military wing – were seen heading into Sinai via the tunnels. Continue Reading »

Two Rockets Fired at Israel by Gaza Terrorists

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired 2 rockets at southern Israel.

There were no injury or damage reported.

By Elad Benari


Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired two rockets at southern Israel on Thursday evening.

The rockets exploded in an open area of the Eshkol Regional Council, causing no physical injuries or damages.

On Wednesday morning, the Color Red rocket alert siren blared throughout the city of Eilat shortly after 9 a.m. It is believed that terrorists fired three rockets at the city. No casualties were reported.

A spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces said the rocket fire had been traced to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, a region which has become a hotbed of terrorist activity since the fall in 2011 of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Continue Reading »

Hamas Seeking Removal from US & EU List of Terrorist Organizations

Hamas says its removal from European & American lists of terrorism organizations is ‘only a matter of time.’

By Elad Benari


Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist group said on Monday that the group’s removal from the U.S. and European countries’ lists of terrorism organizations “has become a matter of time.”

Gaza childrenAhmed Youssef, one of Hamas’s leaders, told the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency, “There are contacts [being] made by the movement, with the help of Arab and Islamic countries such as Qatar, Egypt and Turkey, to convince major and European countries to take Hamas’s name out of the terrorism list.”

Youssef claimed that the contacts received positive responses from some European countries, without naming them, saying that visits from other Western countries are also positive signs. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Security Service Busts Hamas Recruiting Squad in Ramallah Area

The Shabak has arrested a large group of Hamas terrorists who have been recruiting members & terrorists in the  Binyamin area

By David Lev


The Shabak, Israel’s Security Service, along with the IDF and Israel Police, have uncovered extensive Hamas activity in the Binyamin area. A large group of Hamas terrorists have been working in recent months in the villages around Ramallah recruiting members, and terrorists, for the organization, it was released for publication Monday.

Hamas summer campers

Hamas summer campers – Israel news photo: IDF

The Shabak has been conducting a wide-ranging and long-term investigation of this group; so far, about 30 terrorists have been arrested. Continue Reading »

Islamists by the thousands hit the streets to demonstrate in Jordan

Hours after Jordan’s King Abdullah II dissolves parliament, thousands of Islamists demonstrate in central Amman to demand reforms.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Thousands of Islamists demonstrated in central Amman to demand reforms on Friday, just hours after King Abdullah II dissolved parliament and called early polls without any major political change, AFP reported.

King Abdullah II

King Abdullah II

“We demand constitutional reform before the people revolt. The people want to reform the regime,” the demonstrators chanted in the demonstration held outside Al-Husseini mosque in downtown Amman.

AFP correspondents estimated the crowd to number 15,000.

“Democratic electoral law, constitutional changes, parliamentary governments, independent judiciary, constitutional court, effective anti-corruption efforts and preventing security services from interfering in political life,” read a large banner carried by protesters spelling out their demands. Continue Reading »