Israel’s El Al comes in next to last on landing punctuality


With only Pakistan Airlines less punctual, a report by Flystats shows that in March of this year, 45% of El Al flights arrived more than 15 minutes late, with an average of 44 minutes late.

By Ilan Gattegno


Israel’s national air carrier, El Al, is running late: Some 45% of the company’s flights for March 2016 landed over 15 minutes late at their destinations, putting the airline next-to-last in a report published by the company Flystats, which tracks real-time information about airlines and airports.

An El Al aircraft – Photo: KOKO

El Al flights landed an average of 44 minutes late in March. Out of 44 airlines surveyed, El Al placed 43rd, which means that the only airline in the survey less punctual was Pakistan Airlines, 46% of whose flights landed late and which had an average delay in landing time of an hour.

The most punctual airline, according to Flystats, was Austrian Airways. Less than 10% (9.7%) of the Austrian carrier’s flights landed more than 15 minutes late. In total, the 44 airlines covered in the report had a global operational accuracy of 81.5%.

El Al said in response to the report: “The global standard measures operational accuracy according to the flights’ point of departure. In March, El Al had operational accuracy of 79% in departures. The flight path is planned to ensure the passengers’ safety, including bypassing areas of air turbulence, a factor that sometimes lengthens the flight.

“Flight safety is our guiding light. El Al will continue to fly its passengers safely and confidently to their destinations.”


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