Israel’s Loyal Christians Featured in Wall Street Journal Essay



Mainstream media increasingly noticing trend among Israel’s Christians joining the IDF and wanting to integrate into Israeli society.

By Israel Today Staff


As Israel’s former ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, stated on several occasions, Israel has proved to be the one place in the Middle East where Christians can not only live without persecution, but can actually thrive.

Christians Love Israel – Photo: .thepeoplesvoice

It is no secret to the readers of Israel Today that a growing number of Israeli Christians, in particular a large group from Nazareth, are responding by volunteering to serve in the IDF and fully integrating with Israeli society as loyal and productive citizens.

This trend is increasingly gaining the attention of the foreign media, though in most places it is still sadly overshadowed by claims that Israel oppresses all non-Jews in the region.

In an example of the more positive aforementioned coverage, The Wall Street Journal last week published a piece on “Israel’s Christian Awakening,” which concluded that the changing attitudes of local Christians constituted a “notable shift in the balance of power among religious groups in the Middle East.”

Among those cited in the article were Father Gabriel Naddaf, Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum spokesman Shadi Khalloul, and former IDF naval captain Bishara Shlayan.

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Unlike much of the mainstream international media, Israel Today is committed to covering this exciting realignment of Christians coming alongside their Jewish brothers in the Holy Land.

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