Israel’s Security Service Busts Hamas Recruiting Squad in Ramallah Area

The Shabak has arrested a large group of Hamas terrorists who have been recruiting members & terrorists in the  Binyamin area

By David Lev


The Shabak, Israel’s Security Service, along with the IDF and Israel Police, have uncovered extensive Hamas activity in the Binyamin area. A large group of Hamas terrorists have been working in recent months in the villages around Ramallah recruiting members, and terrorists, for the organization, it was released for publication Monday.

Hamas summer campers

Hamas summer campers – Israel news photo: IDF

The Shabak has been conducting a wide-ranging and long-term investigation of this group; so far, about 30 terrorists have been arrested. Among the more notable detainees is Muhammad Khaled Abu Baha, head of the terror group; Mahmad Hassan Abed Allah Dahla, Hamas regional director for central and western areas of Judea and Samaria; and Maher Ayoub Abd al-Jalil Delasha, the regional finance director for Hamas.

The detainees told Shabak investigators that the purpose of the group was to revive Hamas activity in the Binyamin region, especially around Ramallah, considered the last stronghold of Fatah in Judea and Samaria. The objective was to recruit, if not terrorists, then at least voters who would elect Hamas representatives in local elections, and to strengthen the Hamas student group at universities in PA controlled areas. The group received financial and other assistance from Hamas in Syria, officials said.

Among the detainees are two individuals who have admitted their involvement in the 2000 lynch in Ramallah, in which two IDF reservists, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, were murdered when they made a wrong turn into Ramallah. Indictments have been handed down against them and the other arrested terrorists on a variety of charges, including conspiracy to commit acts of terror, illegal collection of money from terrorist sources, and collaborating with enemies.


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