Jordanian Arab shot after injuring Israeli driver in rock attack

Jordanian infiltrator attacks Israeli car on Highway 90, causing young female driver to swerve into security barrier, then tries to force her out of the car.

By Reut Hadar


Twenty-three-year-old Rotem Aharoni from Had Nes was driving to work when an Arab man in a grey kaftan threw a large rock at her car.

Rotem Aharoni at Poria Hospital

Rotem slammed on the breaks and the car struck a safety rail. The Arab then ran towards her, opened the door and tried to force her out of the vehicle, all the while yelling in Arabic.

Rotem fought back and pushed him away. Afterwards, the man ran to another vehicle that had arrived, tried to open the door, and then fled.

Another person at the scene came to assist Rotem and helped her exit the car. He also called her family and the police.

MDA first responders treated Aharoni and evacuated her to Poria Hospital in Tiberias, where doctors said that she was lightly wounded. “I want to thank everyone who helped me during the incident and called for security forces,” she said.

About an hour on the run, the attacker reached the fields of Kibbutz Degania Bet. A kibbutz security official saw him and told him to stop. When the Arab continued approaching, he opened fire at the suspect’s lower body.

So far, the police investigation has determined that the Arab man is a Jordanian citizen who is believed to have infiltrated into Israel and wanted to hijack a vehicle on Highway 90.


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