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IDF under fire to explain how Jordanian successfully infiltrated undetected


After a kibbutz security officer shot and apprehended the infiltrator, the IDF opened an investigation on how a Jordanian citizen crossed the border into Israel to throw rocks at a moving car, and then assault its driver.

By Yoav Zitun and Ahia Raved


A Jordanian man managed to infiltrate Israel on Friday south of the northern site of Hamat Gader. After entering Israel, the man began to throw rocks at passing cars, causing an Israeli driver named Rotem Aharoni to drive off the road. Following the crash, the man ran over to the car and attempted to remove Aharoni and steal the vehicle. Continue Reading »

Jordanian Arab shot after injuring Israeli driver in rock attack

Jordanian infiltrator attacks Israeli car on Highway 90, causing young female driver to swerve into security barrier, then tries to force her out of the car.

By Reut Hadar


Twenty-three-year-old Rotem Aharoni from Had Nes was driving to work when an Arab man in a grey kaftan threw a large rock at her car.

Rotem Aharoni at Poria Hospital

Rotem slammed on the breaks and the car struck a safety rail. The Arab then ran towards her, opened the door and tried to force her out of the vehicle, all the while yelling in Arabic.

Rotem fought back and pushed him away. Continue Reading »

Palestinian boy killed, 3 others injured after firebombs hurled at passing cars


IDF accidentally killed 15 yr-old Palestinian, wounding three others who were believed to be involved in a rock and firebomb attack on cars traveling Route 443, that left an Israeli & two foreigners injured, then taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.
– In separate operations, security forces demolish home of Taylor Force’s murderer, and arrest 12 other wanted terror-suspects.

By Elisha Ben Kimon


IDF forces shot and killed a young Palestinian boy overnight Monday in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity, following a terrorist attack which wounded two foreigners and one Israel on Route 443.

Passengers hospitalized after car was attacked by Palestinian rock-throwing terrorists

An Israeli and two foreigners in their twenties were lightly injured and taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center when rocks and Molotov Cocktails were hurled at a passing vehicle on the main highway.

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Weighing Suggested Deterrent: Deport East Jerusalem Rock-Throwers


Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister insists deporting convicted violent assailants and their families will create an immediate deterrence with parents no longer allowing their children to throw rocks.

By Hezki Ezra


The IDF could intervene in future rock-throwing attacks, Deputy Defense Minister MK Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan stated Wednesday, in the event the Israel Police needs reinforcements.

“If the police think it needs help then I have no doubt the army would be happy to lend a hand and help,” Ben-Dahan stated to reporters as he left the funeral of rock attack victim Alexander Levlovitz, 64.

“While we celebrated Rosh Hashanah, our Arab neighbors threw rocks and killed Jews,” he continued. Continue Reading »

New Police Commissioner Wrote on Facebook: ‘Terrorists Should Be Shot!’


Israel’s Police Commissioner candidate, Brig. Gen. Gal Hirsch wrote on his Facebook account after being hospitalized himself by ‘rock-throwers’, that Arabs that throw rocks are terrorists and should be treated as such.

By Arutz Sheva staff


The incoming police commissioner, Brig. Gen. (res.) Gal Hirsch, appears to have a well-formed opinion regarding Arab rock attacks and the proper way to deal with them.

Gal Hirsch's car after it had been crushed by a boulder that was dropped on it - Facebook

Gal Hirsch’s car after it had been crushed by a boulder that was dropped on it – Facebook

Two months ago, when Binyamin Regiment Commander Israel Shomer aimed lethal fire at an Arab who had thrown rocks at his vehicle, Hirsch wrote: “Following the incident this morning with the Binyamin Regiment Commander – I am including several photographs as a reminder – rocks and boulders are weapons like any other weapon, and they kill.
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Israel’s Knesset approves harsher stone-throwing law: 10-20 years

New legislation sets 20-year sentence if intention is to cause harm, and 10-yrs for throwing at police when intention is to disrupt officers from completing duty. 

By Moran Azulay


Legislation to impose harsher sentences on stone-throwers passed the final hurdle on Monday night in the Knesset after it passed the second and third readings, making it into law.

Rioters in Kafr Kanna (Photo: AFP)
Rioters in Kafr Kanna – Photo: AFP

The bill, proposed by former justice minister Tzipi Livni and then promoted in this term by her successor Ayelet Shaked, passed with 69 in favor, including Zionist Union MKs, and 17 against. 

The new legislation is an amendment to the existing law, and serves to supplement and clarify it. Continue Reading »

Israel’s New Justice Minister Shaked Advances Bill to Stiffen Punishment For Rock Throwing

The proposed revised legislation provides for up to 20 years incarceration for any individual who throws a rock/projectile at any vehicle with the intent to cause harm.



Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Thursday announced that she will be aggressively pushing forward with legislation to increase the penalties for persons throwing rocks with fast-track consecutive meetings with the Ministerial Committee on Legislation starting on Sunday.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked – Photo: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/The Jerusalem Post

Little detail was provided by Shaked’s spokeswoman, but she confirmed that the legislation would be similar to that which former justice minister Tzipi Livni had started to push forward. Continue Reading »

Palestinians Come to Rescue Jews After Rock Attack Overturned Car in Near-Fatal Accident


Jewish family attacked by rock-throwers near Hebron, then Palestinians from the nearby village rushed to extricate the injured family from the flipped car.

By Israel Today Staff


An Israeli man remains in critical condition after he and his family were attacked by Palestinian stone-throwers near Hebron over the weekend. The incident again demonstrated that stone-throwing is a deadly act of terrorism. But it also served as a reminder that not all Palestinians are terrorists.

Palestinian stone-throwers

Yedaya and Hadassah Sharhaton, along with their one-year-old daughter, were returning home to the southern Hebron hills area Saturday night when a large stone crashed through the windshield of their car and struck Yedayay in the face.

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Israel Court Rules: Arab Stone Thrower to Pay Jewish Victim $750,000

Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court orders Arab rock-throwing attacker to pay his ultra-Orthodox Israeli victim NIS 2.5 million compensation ‘as an example’ for brutal assault.

By Moshe Cohen


A Jerusalem court on Thursday ordered a Jerusalem Arab to pay a haredi Israeli NIS 2.5 million (over $750,000) as compensation for an attack he carried out against a Jewish worshipper.

The incident took place in 2008, when the victim was on his way to pray at the Tomb of Shimon the Righteous (Kever Shimon HaTzaddik), a Talmudic sage. The Tomb is located in a predominantly Arab area of Jerusalem, although there is a Jewish community there. Continue Reading »

IDF Shoots Dead Palestinian Rock Thrower Before Cars Pelted

IDF force sitting in ambush catch an Arab terrorist who prepared to throw rocks at passing Israeli cars north of Jerusalem.

By Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer


An IDF force lying in ambush shot dead an Arab terrorist who was preparing to throw rocks at Israeli cars traveling on Road 60, north of Jerusalem. The incident took place near Givat Asaf, in the Binyamin region, on Monday evening.

The ambush was placed following an uptick in the number of similar attacks as of late. It is too early to say whether it signals a change in IDF policy toward rock throwers, but the military action appears to be a departure from the policy of the last few years, which has been marked by extreme hesitance to use deadly force against rock and firebomb throwers. Continue Reading »

17 Gazans Wounded Friday in Latest Palestinian Provocation

Gaza Palestinians begin provocation by throwing rocks at IDF soldiers on other side of border fence in northern Strip.

By Elad Benari, Canada


In the latest incident of Arab provocation, Palestinian Arabs on Friday attacked IDF soldiers with rocks near the border fence in northern Gaza.

Demonstrators protest near the border fence with Gaza – Reuters

The troops responded by firing tear gas and live bullets. Local medics told the AFP news agency that 17 Gazans were wounded in the clashes, which are common on Fridays, when Arabs hold regular protests near the border in support of Gaza farmers who say troops uprooted their trees to create a buffer zone. Continue Reading »

Yeshiva Students in the Galilee attacked by Arab Rock-Throwers

Jews being pelted with stones by Arabs are apparently no longer restricted to just Judea & Samaria. Now Arabs in the Galilee are throwing stones at Jews.

By David Lev


Rock attacks by Arabs against Jews are no longer restricted to Judea and Samaria. Last Thursday, dozens of yeshiva students in the lower Galilee were attacked by stone-throwing Arabs as they attempted to visit the tomb of a Jewish sage near the village of Ilabun.

The students had gone to visit the tomb of Rabbi Matya Ben Harash, a Talmudic sage. According to Shaul Pu’a, a student at the yeshiva, some 50 students proceeded from a bus that had brought them to the site to the tomb itself. Continue Reading »