Kosovo’s President Promises Embassy in Jerusalem, if Recognized First

Promising to build its embassy in Jerusalem should Israel recognize Kosovo, President Hashim Thaci also noted that Kosovo would never vote against US interests in the UN.



Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci said that if Israel recognized Kosovo, Kosovo would open an embassy in Jerusalem, Kosova Press media outlet reported.

Located in the Balkan Peninsula, the Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared itself independent from Serbia in 2008. With a majority ethnic Albanian Muslim population, it remains the subject of territorial dispute between the two countries. In 2013, the two governments established the Brussels Agreement, mediated by the European Union, for normalizing their relations. Kosovo’s President Thaci took part in the negotiations.

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci left, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu right – Google

Israel, however, has not recognized Kosovo as a sovereign state. It has cultural ties and trade with Kosovo, but the position on Kosovo is based on Israel’s unwillingness to encourage unilateral declarations of independence. The US and 23 out of 28 EU member states have recognized Kosovo’s independence.

“If Kosovo were recognized by Israel, I would open the Kosovo embassy in Jerusalem,” Thaci said to Vizion Plus in Albania, Kosova Press reported. Kosovo’s President added that, in relation to President Trump’s decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem, Kosovo would never vote against US interests.

“The Republic of Kosovo’s ties with the US are excellent. I met with President Trump and his approach to us is the same as the previous president. The US supports Kosovo’s future 100%,” he added.


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