Nabbed: Police Arrested 14 Arab Terrorist Suspects Overnight

Police report charges range from carjacking to throwing Molotov cocktails, as arrests nab Palestinian terrorists across Israeli heartland.

By Tova Dvorin


The Judea and Samaria (Shomron) District Police, along with IDF and the Border Patrol, arrested 14 Arabs overnight (Monday/Tuesday) on suspicions of stone-throwing, illegal weapons hoarding, drug-dealing, and carjacking.

Unlicensed ammunition confiscated by police – Photo Courtesy: Israeli Police Spokesperson’s Office

Police  investigation into recent carjackings in the Shomron led the forces to arrest at least one suspect in the Arab settlement of Hawara. Another man was arrested along Route 443 in the Binyamin region after being found driving a stolen vehicle.

In two separate incidents, a man from Barta and another from Bayt Sira were both arrested after having been found with hundreds of explosives and illegal firecrackers in their possession.

Two others were arrested after being found carrying illegal firearms, both 9 mm pistols.

An investigation in the Arab settlement of Deir Abu Meshal led to the arrest of two additional men with shotguns; one of the detainees is also being held for questioning about throwing Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles.

Four additional suspects were arrested in Yatta, an Arab settlement near Hevron, after being found with unlicensed shotguns and hunting equipment, including a telescopic sight.


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