Netanyahu meets King in Amman for talks on Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative

Israel’s PM conducting quiet closed-door meetings with King Abdullah at his palace in visit that was not publicly announced.



Jordan’s Royal Palace says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Amman for talks with the king on the latest in Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, meets Jordan's King Abdulla at the Royal Palace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, meets Jordan’s King Abdulla at the Royal Palace, Aqaba, May 14, 2009. – Photo: Reuters/Haaretz Archive

The palace said in a statement to The Associated Press that Netanyahu and King Abdullah are holding talks behind closed doors today about the “developments in the peace process” and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations sponsored by the United States.

The visit was not previously announced.

Netanyahu made at least three similar visits to Jordan last year.

Jordan maintains cordial relations with Israel under a peace treaty signed in 1994 — one of only two signed agreements the Jewish state has with an Arab country.


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