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IDF Search & Rescue assist Jordan; 21 dead, many missing in Dead Sea floods

With 21 dead and dozens missing in floods on the eastern side of the Dead Sea, both Israel and Jordan are braced for their first major rainstorm of the winter.

By i24NEWS


At least 21 people, most of them children, were killed in a fierce flood on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea Thursday.

Dozens more were missing, students and civilians whose bus was swept away by flash flooding as they were traveling there. Extensive rescue efforts were underway in the area.

Along with Search & Rescue teams, IDF & Israel Police personnel, a fleet of MDA Ambulances at the ready in last year’s flash foods by the Dead Sea that led to the drowning of ten 18 yr-old pre-military students on a hiking trip..

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Jordan’s King Abdullah gives annulment notice of 1994 Peace Treaty Annex

Pressured by recent protests, Jordan’s King Abdullah gives Israel formal notice of termination to land leasing rights that allowed Israeli use of Jordanian parcels in the Naharayim/Baqura and Zofar/Al-Ghamr areas.

By i24NEWS


Jordan’s King Abdullah announced on Sunday his decision to terminate an appendix of the 1994 Israel-Jordan/Wadi Araba peace treaty relating to the lease of the kingdoms’ sovereign land to the Jewish state.

Under Annex I (b) and (c) Jordan leased the Naharayim/Baqura and the Zofar/Al-Ghamr areas, formally under Jordanian sovereignty, to Israel for a period of 25 years which was to be automatically renewed for the same period on an ongoing basis. Continue Reading »

Jordan reopens Israel Embassy after receiving apology & compensation over embassy killing

A Jordanian gov’t official reported on Thursday that Israel has sent an official apology with a promise “to follow up legal proceedings against the guard” known as ‘Ziv’ who killed 2, sparking a tense diplomatic stand off since July 2017.

By i24NEWS

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially apologized to Jordan over a July 2017 incident in which an Israeli security guard shot dead two people at the country’s embassy in Amman, a spokesman for the Jordanian government said on Thursday.

Israel’s PM Netanyahu embraces Ziv, a guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan who fatally shot 2 locals after being attacked with a screwdriver.

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Jordan refuses Israeli ambassador’s return or to reopen Israel’s Embassy

Jordanian Media Affairs Minister says neither the Israeli envoy may return to Amman, nor the reopening of Israel’s embassy will happen until the security guard who killed two Jordanians is returned to stand trial for murder.



Jordan will not allow the reopening of the Israeli embassy in Amman or the return of Israel’s ambassador unless the Israeli security guard involved in the killing of two Jordanians in July is brought to trial, a Jordanian government minister said Thursday.

Jordanian Media Affairs Minister Mohammed Momani issued a press release to this effect, in which he added that Jordan’s position on the issue was very firm. Continue Reading »

Israel to freeze joint water project over Jordan refusal to reopen Israel’s embassy

Israel sent a message to Amman that Jerusalem will not allow the Red-Dead Sea Canal Project to begin unless Jordan reopens the Israeli embassy, closed after an Israeli security guard shot dead a Jordanian who reportedly attacked him with a screwdriver.

By i24NEWS


Some three months after an investigation was opened after an Israeli security guard fired at an armed Jordanian citizen, Israel is threatening to take economic measures against Amman.

According to a report by Hebrew media outlet Maariv, Israel has sent a clear message to Jordan in past days that Israel will not go through with the terms of the Red-Dead Sea Conveyance Project unless Jordan reopens the Israeli embassy. Continue Reading »

Jordanian King to visit Palestinian autocrat for support, and ‘to send a message’


Jordan’s Abdullah II plans a rare visit to Ramallah on Monday in show of support for the Palestinian leader and the Palestinian people amid tension with Israel from the Temple Mount magnetometers stand-off and then the shooting that killed 2 at Israel’s Amman embassy.

By Elior Levy & Roi Kais


Jordan’s King Abdullah II is scheduled to visit the Palestinian Authority on Monday to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas.

Fatah leadership member Mohammad Shtayyeh said this was “a visit of solidarity and coordination, which proves the Palestinians and Jordanians speak with one voice.”

He was referring to the shared positions with regards to the Temple Mount as well as the American efforts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Continue Reading »

Israeli MK Hazan confronts Jordanian MP’s bravado, accepts challenge to brawl


Unfazed by a threat from the pompous Jordanian parliamentarian to beat him up, MK Oren Hazan, tweets in response, “I accept the Jordanian MP’s invitation to a meeting on the bridge, and at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow [Wednesday].”

By Ido Ben Porat


A Jordanian Member of Parliament this week invited MK Oren Hazan (Likud) to a meeting at the Allenby Bridge, to take place on Wednesday.

In a national embarrassment, Oren Hazan forces a selfie on President Trump upon arrival to Israel – Twitter/Oren Hazan

The Jordanian parliamentarian, however, left little doubt about the nature of the meeting with Hazan, writing, “I will beat you up, you despicable person hiding behind American aid.”

Hazan, unfazed by the threat, tweeted in response, “I accept the Jordanian MP’s invitation to a meeting on the bridge, and at 10:00 a.m. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu & King Abdullah reach agreement to end 2-front crisis

REPORT: Israel’s wounded security agent from its embassy in Amman will return to Israel, unencumbered, and the newly placed metal-detectors will be removed from the Temple Mount’s entrances, for ‘alternative security measures.’

By Gary Willig


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah spoke earlier this evening and an understanding is reportedly being reached to resolve the crisis between the two neighbors.

According to the Channel 10 report, the agreement stipulates that metal detectors will be removed from the entrances to the Temple Mount and will be replaced by other security measures.

Jordanian riot police posted outside Israel’s Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

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Israel’s embassy in Jordan under lockdown after guard stabbed, then kills two


After the Israeli security guard was stabbed with a screwdriver at the Israeli embassy in Amman, the guard shot the 17 yr-old assailant and another man, as tensions over the Temple Mount continue to worsen.



An Israeli security officer at the Israeli embassy in Jordan was stabbed in the stomach in Amman by a man with a screwdriver moving furniture in one of the residences in the embassy compound Sunday night, as tensions over the Temple Mount spilled over to the east side of the Jordan River.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement, the guard shot the assailant – identified as Mohammed Zakaria al-Jawawdeh, 17– in self defense. Continue Reading »

Jordan considers following Lebanon banning ‘Wonder Woman’ over Israeli star


Jordan’s Communications Commission is considering banning “Wonder Woman” because the leading actress Gal Gadot, served in the Israel Defense Forces, ignoring the Hashemite Kingdom signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994, allowing them to gain vital intelligence from the IDF on a wide range of military matters.



Jordan is considering banning the film “Wonder Woman” because star Gal Gadot served in the Israel Defense Forces.

Jordan’s Communications Commission is currently reviewing the film to determine whether it meets the country’s standards and laws, the Israeli news website Ynet reported.

The review comes in the wake of Lebanon’s decision to ban the film as part of its total boycott of all things Israeli. Continue Reading »

Jordan: ‘Jews storm, defile Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel responsible’


A Hashemite Kingdom spokesman condemns Israelis celebrating Jerusalem Day events, singing & dancing, defines them as ‘settlers desecration of place’s sanctity, harming feelings of Muslims throughout world’.

By Mordechai Sones


The Jordanian government yesterday (Wednesday) strongly condemned the presence of Jews in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and Jewish activities there. It referred to Jerusalem Day events, during which 15 Jews who had bowed in prayer down were detained, while others sang Hatikvah.

AntiSemite Abbas spews hatred and incitement against Jews – PMW:YouTube screenshot

According to the Jordanian government’s announcement, this is a blatant Israeli attack by allowing extremists to “storm” the Al-Aqsa Mosque in what is termed “a desecration of the sanctity of the place and an insult to the feelings of Muslims all over the world, reported Ynet. Continue Reading »

Jordan grants release to jailed soldier who murdered 7 Israeli schoolgirls in 1997



Three years after Israel & Jordan signed their historic peace treaty, Jordanian soldier Ahmed Daqamseh opened fire on 8th-grade Israeli schoolgirls killing seven and wounding another five.
• Daqamseh escaped death penalty when the Jordanian military tribunal ruled he was mentally unstable.

By News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


A Jordanian soldier who in 1997 killed seven Israeli schoolgirls was released Sunday after serving 20 years in prison.

The attack took place on March 13, 1997, when Cpl. Ahmed Daqamseh of the Jordanian army opened fire on a group of seventh- and eighth-grade Israeli schoolgirls visiting the Island of Peace, a joint Israeli-Jordanian tourist resort under Jordanian rule. Continue Reading »

Israel makes history as it becomes an energy exporter


Jordan has increased its economic ties to Israel by beginning to import natural gas, as part of its 2014 deal to purchase 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

By i24NEWS


An Israeli company said Thursday it has started exporting gas from an offshore field to Jordan, marking the country’s first ever exports of natural gas.

The exports to Jordan began in January, Delek Drilling — part of a consortium leading the development of Israel’s offshore gas reserves — recently told AFP.

There was no formal announcement at the time but it is the first time Israel has ever exported natural gas, a company spokeswoman said. Continue Reading »

Israel’s historic gas deal with Jordan completed, now the Cyprus, Greece pipeline


Israel’s Energy minister Steinitz is set to meet with his Greek and Cypriot counterparts in Athens on Wednesday to begin talks on laying pipeline for gas exports to Europe.


After the Leviathan gas reservoir partners signed a massive deal with Jordan, Israel is now looking to lay a pipeline to Cyprus and Greece, so Israeli gas can be exported there and to other European countries, National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz said Tuesday.

Map showing planned pipelines running from Israel’s Levianthan natural gas rig into Jordan

Steinitz, speaking to reporters before the weekly cabinet meeting that was pushed from Sunday to Tuesday because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in the US, related to Monday’s announcement of a massive gas deal with Jordan, saying it was an “historic” day for the country, because for the first time in its history it became an energy exporter. Continue Reading »

Israel energy consortium signs $10 billion gas deal with Jordan


The Delek energy group just signed a 15 year deal that will see the sale of Israel’s natural gas worth $10 billion to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

By The Associated Press


Israel’s Delek Group, one of the developers of the country’s biggest natural gas reservoir, says it has signed a deal to sell gas to neighboring Jordan.

Delek Drilling CEO Yossi Abu – Photo source: Ynet

The agreement, announced Monday, would provide 45 billion cubic meters (1.6 trillion cubic feet) of gas to Jordan over 15 years. Delek says revenues could amount to $10 billion.

Delek Drilling CEO Yossi Abu hailed the “historic” deal and said developers of the Leviathan reservoir would pursue similar agreements with others in the region, including Egypt, Turkey and the Palestinian Authority. Continue Reading »