New Delhi police detain suspicious man eying Israeli embassy


According to Indian news service, the suspicious man tried running away when  approached by Israel’s embassy security personnel.


New Delhi police detained a 45-year-old man after “he failed to give a proper reason for loitering around the Israel embassy in the national capital’s high security area” on Wednesday, the Indo Asian News Service reported.

India terror plot

Indian forensics experts investigate after a blast tore through a car belonging to the Israel Embassy, in New Delhi, India, Feb. 13, 2012. – Photo: AP

The man, who was spotted outside the embassy around noon, started running after security personnel asked him what he was doing, according to the news service. The security personnel handed him over to the police after catching him.


A car belonging to the Israel Embassy, that was damaged in an explosion is moved to a police station, in New Delhi, India, Feb. 13, 2012. – Photo: AP

“We have questioned him along with intelligence officials,” a police officer reportedly said. “But he did not reveal the reason for his visit.”

In 2012, the wife of the Defense Ministry’s representative to India  was moderately wounded when a car bomb exploded outside of Israel’s embassy in New Delhi.



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