PA: UNESCO’s denial of Jewish history in Jerusalem is ‘victory for Palestinian people’


Celebrating Palestinians claim exclusive sovereignty over Jewish, Christian, Muslim holy sites in Old City of Jerusalem, saying UNESCO resolution comes at a time of ‘increased Judaization of Jerusalem.

By Elior Levy


The ruling Fatah party has welcomed a UNESCO decision which negates the connection between Jews and the Temple Mount.

“This decision is an important victory for the Palestinian people, the protectors of al-Aqsa, and in terms of national defense,” a Palestinian spokesperson said.

A Fatah press release said that the importance of the decision lies in its content, specifically that it denies any historical connection between Jews and Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Jewish men & women pray at the Kotel (Western Wall) – circa 1900

The statement also stressed the important timing of the declaration, which comes “at a time of increased Judaization of Jerusalem, and an increase in the number of infringements (by Jews) into al-Aqsa, along with the number of home demolitions.”

Fatah also made sure to highlight the fact that the decision would never have been taken had it not been for Abbas’s diplomatic skills, and without help from both Arab countries and other countries throughout the world. This part of the statement was seen as a jab at PA and Fatah rivals Hamas.

The organization then thanked the countries of the world who “supported the Palestinians”, and called on the countries who voted against the initiative to reconsider their positions as they relate to “the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s bureau has sent a direct message to the US over that country’s vote against the Palestinian resolution negating Jewish existence in Jerusalem.

“This decision highlights the need for the United States to re-examine its erroneous policies and stances which only encourage Israel to continue to occupy Palestinian lands,” he said.

Palestinian Spokesman Nabil abu Rudeineh added that international resolutions against the Israeli occupation and Israeli policies, including this latest UNESCO decision, are a clear message to Israel that the international community doesn’t agree with the occupation, and that the occupation only contributes to chaos and instability.

He stressed that the decision is an important message to the Israelis that they must end the occupation and recognize a Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem, and that the Palestinians must have exclusive sovereignty over all Christian and Muslim holy sites.

The spokesman ended, saying that Israel must internalize the fact that its policies are only creating and maintaining a negative athmosphere, and that negative athmosphere radiates throughout the region. He added that the international community sees this, and is therefore against the State of Israel.


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