Palestinian camp in Damascus comes under fire

Five killed in Yarmouk camp, Palestinian representatives call for immediate cease-fire.

By the Associated Press


Representatives of Palestinian factions in Syria are calling for an immediate cease-fire after fighting flared at a refugee camp in Damascus.

מגייסים פלסטינים לשורותיהם ומחמשים אותם. מורדים סורים (צילום: רויטרס)

Syrian rebels enlisting Palestinians – Photo: Reuters

Activists say five people were killed in the Yarmouk camp Tuesday, including four who died when a shell struck their street and a fifth shot by a sniper.

The fighting pits gunmen loyal to President Bashar Assad against rebels, who now control much of the camp.

The camp was the scene of heavy clashes in the past, but the battles subsided last month after rebels battled the loyalists to a stalemate. Palestinians fight on both sides.

It was not clear what triggered this flare-up.

A statement issued by representatives of 14 Damascus-based Palestinian factions called for an immediate ceasefire and urged gunmen to withdraw from the camp.


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