Palestinian enters Israel, taken to jail, and found with 6 cellphones inside him

Having just been returned home by Israeli Border Guard police officers after infiltrating into Israel, the Palestinian was again apprehended for trying to cross the security fence in the Jerusalem area for the second time. This time arrested, he was found to be smuggling cellphones for incarcerated security prisoners.

By Mordechai Sones


Israeli Border Police officers arrested an Arab attempting to cross the security fence in the Jerusalem area for the second time. Only minutes before he was jailed in Ofer Prison six cell phones were removed from his body that were allegedly intended to be smuggled to security prisoners.

Confiscated cellphones - Photo Courtesy, Israel Prisons Service.

Previously confiscated cellphones. – Photo Courtesy, Israel Prisons Service.

Last Tuesday evening, a Nitzan Brigade forward observer spotted a suspect climbing the security fence in the a-Ram area as he tried to cross into Israel illegally. A team of Border Police officers directed to the site located the suspect who was arrested and transferred for interrogation, after which he was released and returned to Judea and Samaria.

Last night the observer again identified the suspect trying to pass over the security fence in an attempt to infiltrate into Israel illegally, and once again a Border Police team was able to locate and arrest the suspect.

An investigation revealed the suspect had been arrested, interrogated, and released.

Because this was the second time the suspect attempted illegal entry to Israel, he was interrogated and taken to Ofer Prison. During the registration process carried out by the Israel Prison Service, six cell phones were discovered and removed from his body, which he apparently sought to smuggle into the security wing of the prison.

Israel Border Guard’s YAMAM unit – Israel Police

“Devices that could have reached the hands of terrorists and thus enable contact with elements outside the prison liable to carry out terrorist activities,” the police said. Once the cellphone smuggling was foiled, the suspect, a Ramallah Arab in his 20s, was transferred again for Border Police interrogation.


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